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  • Making Windows Vista Sing: Robert Fripp and the Vista Melody

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    All I need is a couple hours of this on my iPod...this stuff is beautiful.

    Now how do you plan to get it on your iPod?

    I know you can download and convert... however, that just takes insanely long Sad Just wondering if there is a better trick....
  • Windows Live Messenger - What. How. Why.

    cain wrote:
    How about making a 'lite' version without
    • Sharing folders,
    • All those things down the left side of the main messenger window (alerts, etc.),
    • Contact Cards,
    • Backgrounds,
    • Winks,
    • Dynamic Display Pictures,
    • Ads
    • Any of the other useless 'features' I missed.
    Live messenger is great and out of all the messenger clients I've ever used it's definately my favourite.  But it could be so much better without all that extra stuff.  Simplicity and performance should be your two most important features.

    You always have Windows Messenger for your Lite version!

    Edit: This is already mentioned. Should have read all the posts before responding.
    I do agree with you that Windows Messenger is actually too bland and the Live Messenger it just too bloated. I would really want something like a Live Messenger Lite as mentioned in the discussions here.
  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    Thanks for making Channel9 what it is. The interviews and discussions here provide invaluable insight. We could not have had a better candidate to start this. Big Smile

    Good luck Scoble, for your future endeavor. I'm glad you'll keep posting on Channel9 and thus stay in touch here.

  • Iain McDonald - Talking about release candidate of Windows Server 2003 R2 (and other stuff)

    dotnetjunkie wrote:

    BTW, I like the download file to be in higher quality like this too!

    People with slow connections can always use the streaming version.  The download version can be 1Mbps or so.

    Most Internet users have more than 3Mbps downstream anyway...

    I wouldn't be too happy with that. And I am sure a lot of people would not be given the fact that large pipes are still rare the world over.

    I think it would be wise for Channel 9 to have two version of the video available. One at the high resolusion like this one (I haven't seen it myself - too large to download - but if the comments are something to go by niners are loving it.) The second one being at lower resolution.

    Of course the new 'screencasts' (after the redesign) can be used to host high resolution screen recordings seperately.
  • Rusty Deschenes - Developing on the VS Core Team

    I could not understand much from the video... what are flavors?
  • Rob Barker - Why Rob cares about ​Smart​Clients?

    He mentions a Dell case study...

    Anyone have more information on that?
    Please can you share some...



    PS: I'm busy to find out more about it myself right now... Will post again when I know more.
  • Eric Horvitz - Managing your email better with Outlook Mobile Manager

    If I remember, there was a feature such as this in one of the previous versions of Exchange... but I had not used it much.

    And I could not find it in Exchange'03.

    Glad to see that its back Smiley
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    scobleizer wrote:
    m00n1: It was supposed to be longer but his schedule got cut so we only had 10 minutes. But, I'm getting feedback to make our videos shorter and tighter, so we'll work on that.

    Thanks Scob. That sounds very good!

    I'm waiting...
  • Owen Braun and Chris Pratley - Talking about OneNote

    I don't have TabletPC, hell I don't even have a laptop, but I use OneNote on my desktop. I type all that I want into it and I share my development pages with the rest of my team. Its really useful and very productive. All my developers have adopted it now and working on a project without it seems impossible!

  • Scott Guthrie - Talking ASP.NET and IIS 7.0

    did you ever try out 'iisreset' at you command prompt?