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Athan athan C/C++ and a cup of coffee...
  • Infoworld launches 'Save XP' website

    Ray6 wrote:
    Don't get me started. The entire Vista marketing team should be sacked ... now. This minute. No messing about. Frogmarched from the building. They have messed up everything from pricing to advertising and just about everything in between. They are relying on the marketshare to do it all for them, while they sit on their cans doing sweet FA.

    Not only the marketing team, but many other people from development too. [6]

  • Another nail in the .NET coffin

    I don't like or use QT, for my own reasons; however they offer a true cross platform gui library plus a visual editor / generator that works, something Visual (?) C++ (Win32) still lacks... Wink

  • Dedicated Servers Experience

    I have similar bad experience from VPS and dedicated hosting providers. For many years, I was moving from one provider to other without any success.

    Finally I built my own server, loaded it with my favorite OS (FreeBSD) and put it colocated at a nearby data center. More control, faster performance and better experience at less than half the price of a rented dedicated server. Sometimes I wonder why didn't that earlier...

  • 25 of the coolest (or weirdest) keyboards

    BruceMorgan wrote:
    Currently I use a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard at home and at work.   It's not too huge and it's not too thick and it's not too curved.

    Most machines at our lab use this keyboard. Despite its low price, it feels better than other more expensive models. Unfortunately, it loses that feel after two - three months of heavy use.

    PS: Das Keyboard II looks very interesting, I'll order one for testing...

  • WPF usage poll.

    brian.shapiro wrote:
    the point of wpf in some sense is to supercede windows forms though. it still has common controls, its just that its control rendering is a lot more flexible and easily changeable, and its not all about eye candy. in wpf, if you want a dropdown list with checkboxes, in a few lines, you can have it done. this stuff in windows forms is exceedingly more complicated. plus, it allows things like resolution independence and more advanced typography. so, wpf isnt really about 3d animations and glitzy surfaces, though it can do that. applications will just be better when people move to wpf

    Since Windows introduction, I've seen many alternative controls and control rendering methods. However, after all these years, 99% of applications are still using (or subclassing) the standard common controls.

    Although I do like some WPF features (e.g. resolution independence), I'm not going to invest any time yet. When Microsoft release (if ever) an operating system fully depended on WPF or managed code, then I'll consider migrating. Until then I prefer the performance and compatibility of the old API and controls.

  • 25 of the coolest (or weirdest) keyboards

    God, I hate all these silly "rubber dome" plastic garbage.
    Really missed the good old mech switch keyboards of eighties...

  • WPF usage poll.

    No, not likely to.
    I never liked eye candy stuff like Flash, WPF etc. In fact I prefer to use operating environment's native rendering and controls (e.g. common controls on Windows, HTML controls on web).
    Afterall I'm not a big fan of managed code Wink

  • IE7 slow scrolling

    Ucsbguy wrote:

    Hmm, never liked the add ins idea and my experience from most, if not all extensions, is very very negative.

  • IE7 slow scrolling

    BobTurbo wrote:
    Firefox looks like ancient software compared to IE7. The IE team did a great job.

    I wouldn't say that IE team did great job. It's the Firefox developers who did much worst. Wink
    In any case, IE7 is still the best in terms of stability although it lacks many features found in both FF and Opera.

    PS (@PaoloM):  I have a high degree of respect for all MS developers. However I still wonder how all these talented people, didn't notice IE7 slowness before finalizing the code ...

  • IE7 slow scrolling

    Lloyd_Humph wrote:
    I switched to FireFox as its a much better program and i havent looked back.

    Firefox ? No thanks, I prefer living with IE7 issues Wink