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  • MultiPoint: What. How. Why.

    It looks like very exciting technology.  I enjoyed the video and look forward to the SDK in January!

    Three questions:

    1. Is it easy to create an "admin" mouse?  I could very likely want to restrict certain forms, or even controls only to one mouse (probably the teacher's).  That way only the teacher can start/stop an activity, while the students can only interact with the relevant options.
    2. As a red-green color-blind male, I wonder if there are other ways of decorating pointers to better differentiate them.  Perhaps styles of glowing, or even completely different pointer icons.  This could be an important feature to consider.
    3. For non Multipoint-enabled applications, do the multiple mice function as on any other system?  In other words, if I don't specifically code for Multipoint, do all mice conflict with each other?

    Thanks for the video, and good luck getting to the next step!