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  • Steve Friesen - Macintosh Business Unit Tour

    Hey Robert:

    I loved the video, great work as usual but one question. I like your cell phone that you flashed briefly on the screen. What kind of cell phone is it? Smiley

  • Peter Wengert - Inside Microsoft Automotive

    Awesome video and even better content. Thank you guys but I had one question ... What is it with MSFT guys using the word "So ..." so many times?

  • Chris Sells -- Tour of MSDN

    Two other notes...

    Kudos should be said to the person who is interviewing/following Chris, as well.

    Most times, you get some monotone guy talking towards the camera with not much interaction from the guys behind the camera or if there is any kind of interaction it tends to be of some generic question like "so, what do you think about so and so..." which leaves the person being interviewed (or followed in this instance) hanging out there trying to come up with interesting things to say! This time around, both Chris and the person who is following him are interesting and have awesome sense of humor and good banter (for lack of better word) which is what made this video fun to watch.

    Also, can you tell how much we envy you Microsoft guys/gals for working there at MSFT? That’s probably why I’ve watched this video couple of times, already.

    Thank you

  • Chris Sells -- Tour of MSDN


    Loved the video! It was fun and it was great to see the people that I visit their work, everytime I open my browser (my default page is set to MSDN)!

    More please.