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  • Branching 101 with Doug Neumann - Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

    This is very helpful stuff. One thing that might be particularly useful is a little bit more integration with screencasts and/or walk-throughs when a team has decided on a strategy. We're all using VSTS, it'd be great to know exactly how to do what you describe in it Smiley
  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    I know that I have a huge bias here, but I really think that MS is doing a really great thing when it comes to RSS. The beautiful part of it is that amount of work that an application developer no longer has to do. I think that RSS is going to be so much broader because MS is putting the work they are doing into the platform. The nice part is that this is not novel work… soon you’ll see these kind of platform investments in every platform. The surprising part is that any one else could have done the work first, but MS did. I think this may be the first time in a long time that MS has done something big that other people will emulate. Because knowing what RSS is and parsing XML for a dev is absolutely useless. It’s like knowing how to handle a TCP/IP packet. It’s the start of a brand new world. And when you can synch your databases, web directories, book marks, photos, calendars, reports, contacts, sales pipelines and everything else you can think of over RSS, you can have announcements like this to thank for kicking it off.