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  • Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf - Linux at Microsoft, Part II

    Sweetshark wrote:

    bani wrote: 'microsoft does a better job of ui integration and usability than anyone else'
    I would cut back on the 'anyone' *cough* Apple *cough* - but the Windows UI is of cause far more consistent than the various linux DEs and probably will always be.

    I have a mac, and quite frankly OSX drives me nuts. computing with OSX is like computing with training wheels that you can't remove.

    Everything in OSX treats the user as an beginner, and there's no option for 'non-beginner mode'. You do stuff apple's way or not at all. At least microsoft usually gives you a choice in how to do stuff, with apple it's their way or the highway.

    Aqua also has a lot of usability problems ('expose' only exists because apple's window management is so poor, dock sucks horribly, etc. etc.) and refuse to improve the UI because they suffer from a terminal case of 'not invented here'-itis. Aqua made a lot of poor design choices, basically abandoning all their well researched and well established UI guidelines for the past 15 years -- in favor of eye candy. I find it ironic that apple has stooped to the very thing that apple users have criticized microsoft about for so long. Now they're cheering eye candy? Bleah.

    Want a nice example of inconsistency? How about this?

    I also think the cocoa/objc is a huge mistake. objc is just too freaking weird for most developers, and it's a rather high barrier to entry on the platform. If you want to program for carbon, you're treated as a second class citizen. apple should have picked up something like Qt and supported it as an official framework.
  • Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf - Linux at Microsoft, Part II

    Tensor wrote:
    I have a question for you actually Beer. Is there anything AT ALL that you cOnsider Microsoft and the Windows platform does better than the Linux equivalent? 

    I mean, do you ever think "wow I really wish that linux had this doohickey that Windows has" or "Microsoft X sure kicks Foo's butt"?

    'wow i really wish linux had an IDE as nice as visual studio'
    'microsoft does a better job of ui integration and usability than anyone else'
    'wow linux api documentation sucks hard, is very nice'.

    that's about all I can think of.

    of course total control of every aspect of the OS from top to bottom ensures you can enforce uniformity, whether your developers and vendors like it or not. (this is one of the things i dislike about both microsoft and apple, fwiw).

    i can tell you a lot of places microsoft sucks like a hurricane, but then i'm sure microsoft is aware of all that already.
  • Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf - Linux at Microsoft, Part II

    Ovidiu.Platon wrote:
    The bottom line is that I don't understand the purpose of these forums anymore. You have a bunch of people making statements that have virtually nothing to do with the actual facts and you host them on your own website. What's the value of being thrown with (I need to watch my language) at in your own home?

    And what exactly do you think the solution should be? Your pleading implies you want admins to purge posts which don't follow the 'official microsoft facts', or 'official Ovidiu Platon facts'.

    The obvious solution to deal with a "raving lunatic" is to ignore them, imo. I don't know what else you would be suggesting except censorship.

    Ovidiu.Platon wrote:
    Is there any way to wipe out my Channel 9 account?

    Seems to me the obvious answer is to just stop using it.
  • Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf - Linux at Microsoft, Part II

    If microsoft wants to believe windows really does have superior dependency resolution and management, if this is really the conclusion hilf has come to, I say let them go ahead and believe what they want.

    It's not our job to do microsoft's research for them. And it's not our job to correct their mistakes (especially since we're not getting paid for it).

    They've 'done the research' and arrived at a different conclusion than the rest of us. Why should they care what we think?