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  • Saving energy with the .NET Micro Framework

    The premise of the article - that the proportion of hours where hot water is needed is the same as the proportion of energy that is actually required - is false. Unless you have a terrible insulating system, a huge amount of energy isn't required to keep water hot. Most of your energy use should be in heating up cold water which is taken in to replace hot water used. You will not see a 66% reduction in energy costs; how much you will see depends on how good or bad your hot water insulation is, and the temperature differential between the hot water and the ambient temperature in its surroundings. Whatever that saving is, it needs to be compared with the opportunity costs of not having hot water whenever you want it, but rather having to stick to a schedule.

    That's not to take away from the cool DIY scheduled servo job, which looks neat.

  • MJPEG Decoder

    Why not just use TcpClient instead of HttpWebRequest to get around the limitation on the IE User-Agent header? It's not like it's difficult to write a HTTP 1.0 client, especially if it only needs to GET a single resource.

    But then I see TcpClient isn't supported in Silverlight. That really sucks.

  • An overview of WPF 4 Beta 1

    What about raster fonts (bitmap fonts)? My preferred programming font, Dina, is a raster font. I didn't hear any good news on this - and this is pretty much a showstopper for me, unless there is some hack out there to convert a raster font into a TTF font that uses the bitmaps as hints at low sizes (my default programming font size is Dina 8pt).

  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7

    Blocking IO is blocking, sjh30. That means that the thread is blocked, i.e. suspended, i.e. not running. Its quantum is no use to it.

    You are confusing real time passing with thread quantum time, which is local to the thread and only counting while the thread is making forward progress. Blocked threads are not making forward progress.