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    nektar wrote:
    Are there some thoughts on creating a standard way of exchanging mail, contacts and calendar info amongst web-based mail services? Like an rss extention or something?

    No RSS extension needed. Back in the 80's a bunch of guys developed the vCard and vCalendar standard. vCalendar is more commonly know today as Apple iCal, but it is really just vCal. No changes or additions.

    The only possible improvement would be an RDF/XML implementation of vCard, for easier transfer between different packages in a more year-2005-friendly manner.

    Anyway, this problem was solved 20+ years ago.

    In response to all your other comments, if Microsoft just gave away all their Intellectual Property on the web, and let you use anyone else's products, they wouldn't be making much money. Their plan is one of proprietary formats and content. They want you to live in Microsoft land.[6]

    Oh, and in response to all the Firefox people, I say this:

    As long as they adhere to W3C standards, it will have Firefox support. Hell, I am using Firefox right now on an MS forum, and it works just fine.