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I am a developer on the Windows Mobile Shell team. I work primarily on APIs and Application Compatibility among other random things. One of those random things is a side project of mine that I call WiMo (The Windows Mobile Robot). Check it out at http://www.wimobot.com


  • Mel Sampat and Brian Cross - Microsoft Mobile App Compat

    From the phone to the microcontroller, i used bluetooth.  In this demo of WiMo i used WiFi from the Pocket PC to the Smartphone (via an access point, not adhoc) that is on the robot.
  • Revisiting WiMo - The Windows Mobile Robot

    I haven't transmitted the video/image data directly yet.  it is something i will be working on soon, but don't have the answer to right now.  Currently i save the image to flash and then transmit the file (painfully slow, but works with the standard filters and whatnot). 


    I updated the source code on the www.wimobot.com last week. 

    Some of the changes in this latest update are:

    • It now works with Microsoft Robotics Studio 1.0
    • Hardware is now abstracted in the Wimo device binary so that it is easier to add new Wimo hardware platforms (I have 5 now!)
    • Online documentation is more complete (but still more to do)
    • Can use the Windows Mobile device as a Serial Conduit.  Allowing you to pass serial data through wifi/bluetooth onto the microcontroller
    • Multiple components can listen and interact with the microcontroller.
    • Can use the Microsoft Robotics Studio's Visual Programming Language to drag and drop the Wimo service.
    • And much much more. (ha! couldn't resist Smiley   ). 

    Have fun!  Keep the questions coming if you have any!


  • Revisiting WiMo - The Windows Mobile Robot

    ybd wrote:
    Great video. really impressive. Do you know when is voice command api going to be available. Also, whats the easiest way to stream video instead of taking series of snapshots, are there any native sample applications for stream video from a smartphone.

    I do not have a date for when the voice command apis will be available, the second i know (and i can say Smiley ) I'll make sure to spread the cheer! 

    As for the video... There are other (and better) ways to actually stream video, I just haven't researched them myself.  I am using DirectShow to capture the snapshots, so it is just a matter of hooking up or creating the correct DirectShow filters.  It is something I want to look into doing for Wimo, especially for the "remote control" mode.   I still need to at least make the capturing of snapshots faster (just hasn't been high on the list for wimo... but due to the filter that i am using, i still have to save the image to flash before i can send it across the network... that makes is much slower).

    I'll look to see if there are native examples for streaming video using DirectShow.  If you are familiar with DirectShow, it works very similarly to the desktop version of DirectShow. 

    Also, just a general update, I should have another wimo code update in the next week or two that will bring the source up to the Microsoft Robotics Studio 1.0 release (Wimo currently uses the June CTP).   I'll post a comment here, at the Windows Mobile blog, and at the Wimobot site when i upload the source code update. 

    - Brian
  • Revisiting WiMo - The Windows Mobile Robot

    mixelz wrote:
    Very cool! Your site is great Brain, cool that you actually took the time to put it all together.

    I actually have an old ipaq lying around that I might use for it. (luckily Christmas is still coming up )


    Thanks!  Hope you find it useful... I hope to post an update to the source code in the next couple of weeks.  Should bring it up to the latest Microsoft Robotics Studio.  Also need to make sure that all the parts for my Aggressor WiMo are still available...

    As for your IPAQ... If you get a bluetooth module for it, you might be able to do some fun stuff.  Let me know if anything turns out from that!

    -- Brian

  • Revisiting WiMo - The Windows Mobile Robot

    staceyw wrote:
    Hi Brian.  Cool stuff.  I got a Mindstorm for Xmax, but must wait to open it Expressionless  I will post a vid when done and using my T-Mobil Dash ontop.  I used to be into R/C also.  Question.  For the R/C car, how do you bypass the R/C receiver to get direct control of the servos?  Where do the servers on the car plug into? TIA

    That's great to hear!  The Lego NXT is a very fun kit.  They are also coming out with more sensors and addons for it, so it should get even better!  Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    As for the R/C car... I don't the receiver at all (it's still in the truck, but nothing hooked up to it).  The microcontroller that i am using (OOPic) has logic to control servos (up to 16 on that particular model) quite easily.  So then the Smartphone talks to the microcontroller and tells it to set various values (depending on if you want to turn or go forward or in reverse, etc) to the servos. 

    the OOPic is a pretty neat (and easy to program) microcontroller if you've ever wanted to play with one... granted, it is the only one i've worked with so far, but i have a couple others i'm going to play with as well. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
      -- Brian
  • Revisiting WiMo - The Windows Mobile Robot

    First of all... everyone here is way too kind Smiley

    Yes, the "stream" is not really a stream... it is a series of images.  I may look into adding the ability to do a real stream as well later. 

  • Rory Does Windows Mobile Development - WM 5.0 Notification API

    What is the error you are seeing with the MessagingMmsUnread property?

    btw, another way to get the value is to use: SystemState.MessagingMmsUnread

    all of the properties can be accessed through static properties on the SystemState object.  The main difference between using the static property and GetValue is that the static properties are usually strongly typed (where GetValue returns 'object'). 

    great screen cast!
  • Mel Sampat and Brian Cross - Microsoft Mobile App Compat

    I have started posting information on building WiMo.  Keep checking the Windows Mobile Blog at https://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile and http://www.wimobot.com

  • Mel Sampat and Brian Cross - Microsoft Mobile App Compat

    I'll be posting sample code and all the info on how to build WiMo in the coming days... stay tuned to https://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile

    Right now, i'm just using the ImageSink Filter, so it's very inefficient, but i do get about 1 to 2 frames per second.  I'll post the code to that as well, and then post updates as i get it tuned.