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ben2004uk ben2004uk

Niner since 2005

C# MVP and Software Tester\Developer at Red Gate Software.
  • UK PDC Attendees?

    I'll be attending, but I will be working on the Red Gate stand during the day.  Feel free to come over for a demo Wink

    Happy to meet up in the evening - isn't there a party on the Tuesday?

    Anyone know the area? Any good bars\restaurants near by?
  • Pex - Automated Exploratory Testing for .NET

    As far as I am aware, 64bit version isn't planned any time soon. My suggestion - use a 32bit virtual machine.
  • Scott Hanselman: Value of Writing Windows PowerShell Cmdlets

    Very cool video!  Sounds like an awesome system and excellent use of the technology.  Shame more companies aren't open for which enhancements.  Love the use of VM.  Definitely need to look at powershell.
  • Scott Hanselman: Value of Writing Windows PowerShell Cmdlets

    I just watched the TechEd keynote and from the demos of some of the system management applications, it looks like that are exporting commands/processes as Powershell cmdlets for reuse/scripting which is very cool.  Just going to watch the video to find out more about them Smiley
  • Popfly

    Imagine all this kind of stuff on people's MySpace/LiveSpace.... that is where the non-devs will love it - I think anyway.  At the moment people have 3rd party controls (like Slideshow/Music player) which is pretty off the the shelf, with this they would be able to create and customize whatever they want.

    Going to be cool!!  I admit, I prefer the fact that you can share projects around friends - could be very cool to see what everyone is working on quickly and easily.
  • Popfly

    I love the popfly explorer - being able to share and view other projects with your friends...

    Very cool that you can share your VS projects...

    Plus its great to see a non-movie playing Silverlight app Smiley

    Can't wait to see how cool / easy it is to write the blocks...
  • Joe Stegman talks about the "WPF/E" CTP

    No, its totally platform independent. Even down to them reencoding WMV so they are supported on the Mac without Flip4WMV installed.
  • Joe Stegman talks about the "WPF/E" CTP

    Give them a chance Smiley It would have been nice if firefox on linux supported it (as it supports it on windows) but I guess technically there is a lot of difference.
  • Joe Stegman talks about the "WPF/E" CTP

    YES!!! Been waiting for this for ages!! Installed it on my Mac, first sample - You need a new mac (wants Dual Core + 1Gb Sad ). But its another reason to upgrade to a MacBook Pro.....after MacWorld I think I will. All the other samples seem to work OK on my G4 iBook, that one did load - was just a bit slow.... Looks really cool, can't wait to have a proper play with this and develop something. The Page Turn sample is coool.... Shame I have too much work to do this week. Does this work with Linux? (Like Firefox on Linux, I know the others aren't supported yet).
  • A Chat and Demo about LINQ with Wee Hyong (Singapore MVP – SQL)

    I really like the way that they have mixed Camtasia with video footage - makes the code a lot easier to understand and follow.  Maybe something for other C9 videos?

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