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ben2004uk ben2004uk
  • Imagine Cup: Team UK

    I hear you littleguru Wink

    Tried to enter this, but no one at my Uni seemed interested Sad

    next year maybe...
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio


    Really cool to watch.  Can't wait to get hold of a NXT! (shame there not out for a bit, guess I will just have to play with the simulator as I don't want to pay for another robot just to go out and buy the NXT in a few months (unless you could provide a passionate student with one Wink)

    Can't wait to see more from you guys, looks really good and like it will be really fun to work with.  Makes me remember that development should be fun not like what i’m at work.  Downloaded the Studio, will have a play on the weekend.

    Recommendation: Get more film in your camera Wink  an hour sometimes isn't long enough.....


  • Microsoft Robotics Studio

    this might be answered in the video (will watch it in the morning) but where can you buy the robots in the UK?? Or the kit to build them??
  • Made In Express: The Contest

    Submitted two ideas, don't think they are award winning but you can hope! Would be great just to be in the last 12.