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ben2004uk ben2004uk
  • VS.Net 2005 ASP.net Development Server

    Found a solution,  just thought I would post it.  Answer to my web services question - weather its right to use them or not would be cool.


    In Solution Explorer, right-click the name of the application and then click Property Pages.

    In the Property Pages dialog box, click the Start Options tab.

    Under Server, untick NTLM Auth.



  • VS.Net 2005 ASP.net Development Server

    Hello All,

    I have just started to create a new project (you will all hear about it soon on here, weather its good or not Big Smile).  Basiclly here is the outline:

    Sql Server 2005 Database
    Webform (ASP.net + C#)
    WinForm (C#)

    I want the webform which will be located on the same server as the sql database to connect to the database and return data.

    I also want the winform to have the same functionality (plus a few other bits) but I want it to connect to the same database (if connected to the internet).

    I was thinking that having a Sql Connection() over the internet isn't the best thing, so I was going to use Web Services (helps me learn how to use them aswell, all good)

    So last night,  I started to build the web side, got my db setup,  got my webform setup and my web services setup (base projects, just to test they work together).

    I ran the web services in 2005, it loaded up the project on port 18789?? and I then tried to run the website which load up on port 486.  However when it tried to access the web service it got permissions denied.

    So, three questions:

    1)   Is using my webform to connect to web services a good idea.
    2)   Should I have the web services as a different project/sln or together with the website.
    3)   How do I get them to talk to each other locally.

    Please advise.



  • UK Student Placement - Where?

    Just out of interest,  how important does everyone feel doing a placement year is instread of going straight into my third year??

    My other option is taking a year out and doing my own thing - whatever that might be.....


  • UK Student Placement - Where?

    They keep saying they will arrange an interview but havent for the past three months so not holding much hope. 

    Tried Oracle but they full,  and 3com aren't replying to my emails.

    Running out of ideas......might have to look at small local companies.

    jonathanh wrote:
    Have you tried IBM? I worked there for a year between school and university, as part of a formal "student employee" programme.

  • UK Student Placement - Where?

    So,  Microsoft turned me down when I had a interview at their campus in the UK.   Oracle, Sun, Apple already filled there positions.

    Where else in the UK is there??

    Anyone know any companies still offering Student placements in the UK??

    If you dont know, currently doing a computer science degree and as part of that need to do a year in industry and so i need to find somewhere but i think ive now left it a bit later - my fault for thinking I would get into Microsoft.


  • Windows CE Networking

    I really want a ICOP eBox as a NAS (like in the video) but sadly being a student I can't afford it Crying

    Sorry to jump on the thread.  Just thought I would post that Smiley

  • Project Ideas


    I am currently wanting to increase my programming knowledge.  I understand the basics of VB, C++, Java however I have never actually made anything of any use until recently where I was given a task to develop a website server in C++ (now completed).  So now I'm looking for new tasks.

    I want to be able to learn more about the .net language,  I can get a lot of code examples however that’s not how I like to learn - I prefer to develop the code myself with examples of short code - just like which namespace to use etc. which I can then play around with and learn.  Learn from my code mistakes.

    What I’m looking for is kind of like coursework.  You are given this task to do using this language and must contain these features.  At the end when you have completed your code being given the ‘correct’ code to compare to your own.

    Now am I thinking about this the wrong way?  I really want to learn these languages however I do not know where to get started, its fine saying "Hello World", but what about after that - how do you build up? I really have no idea how you get from "Hello World" to something for example Windows media player.

    Any help/guidance welcome.