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Software Developer raised in Spokane, Washington and educated at Eastern Washington University. Lived in New Zealand for 1.5 years working as a Technical Analyst for a large I.T. company. Traveled to many countries around the world and my dream job would be one where traveling to different countries was a common occurrence.


  • Silverlight TV Episode 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight

    Mike seems like a huge asset to the MSFT team.  I really like hearing the Flash perspective related to Silverlight.


    I think Flash is amazing, performance-wise.  If MSFT can get SL to work as well as Flash, I think it'll be an easy choice for future projects because of the development advantages.  But still, no discredit to Flash.  They started the fire, and continue to burn strong.



  • Silverlight TV 12: The Best Blend 3 Video Ever!

    Nice job guys, and very entertaining as well!  You two are hilarious together.  I wish I was coming to MIX to get more...


    Thanks for putting on all of these informative shows, John.  I'm currently traveling around Southeast Asia (Bangkok now), and these make it much easier to keep up to date on all of the Silverlight/Blend related skills I'm missing out on back home.