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Niner since 2006

I work for an medium sized company developing enterprise applications with a web front end.

I'm currently dabbling in rich internet application development mostly with Flex, .NET, and other things.


  • A conversation with John Lam about the dynamic language runtime, Silverlight, and Ruby


    As always, an interesting and informative conversation.

    I listened to this in the car, so I needed it turned up for the quiet parts. But the volume variability was a lot.

    Have you tried The Levelator from Gigavox? It does a really nice job of levelling the volumes. And when you've got phone conversation the resulting podcast is just great. And the price is right!

    Maybe you'd consider it for future podcasts?

  • Bill Gates and Tim O'Reilly - A conversation at MIX

    Where is the download?
    Are we ever actually going to get it?
  • Bill Gates and Tim O'Reilly - A conversation at MIX

    The small white thing that Bill was holding was a new mobile phone. He referred to it during the keynote part of the speech, maybe about halfway through.

    I was at MIX06 and overall was impressed by the content.

    During Bill's presentation I was concerned to hear about the possibility of multiple IE updates per year. His answer to my question on this point didn't reassure me.

    I understand that to Microsoft, IE is more than just a rendering engine. But if we're presenting applications via browsers and we need to support multiple browsers (which we do), then the rendering engine is key. Hearing that this part might change on a frequent basis gives me some cause for concern.

    At the same time, I don't expect this will happen for a few years, and we could see many other browser changes by then.