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  • 10-4 Episode 15: Model-First Development with the Entity Framework 4.0

    Hi folks,

    Thought I'd mention an ORM product I've been using - Mindscape LightSpeed - which has provided model first and database first support for quite some time. It has a model designer that integrates directly into VS, supports schema round tripping in both directions and heaps more. It doesn't support such a rich conceptual modelling capability as EF but I find it fits what I need. Also supports 9 database types.

    Just thought i'd make some LightSpeed-specific comparisons with posts here -

    @PerfectPhase You can write a query similar to that using LightSpeed. UnitOfWork.Remove() takes a query object that can be as complex as you wish and will delete all records that match without returning data to the client.

    @foreachdev You can configure the LightSpeed validation in the designer to not allow persistence if a field is over a given length. If an entity has a field that had 21 characters the .IsValid flag would be false and the errors collection would supply a description of the issue to present to the user if desired. Change scripts are supported in a rough manner but this is getting much tidier in the next version I hear.

    While we wait for EF 2 to pop out you could have a look at LightSpeed Express here.