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Niner since 2004

"Dad brought home an IBM "PC" in 1981 and the rest they say is history.


  • Steve Lacey - 10 years of Direct X

    Sorry about the blue screen at the end.  I'm definitely learning as I go Smiley

  • Blog your way to the PDC

    bonk wrote:
    Dear channel9 team,

    1) am I allowed to double my chances and participate in BOTH contests ?
    2) it looks like you will mainly judge the blog "essay" by how much contribution to the community it promises. Is that so ?

    Hi Bonk!

    Here are the official answers for your questions:

    1.  Yes you may enter both contests.

    2.  Not necessarily, we will also be judging entries on things like writing style and creativity. 

    Let us know if you have any more questions.


    PS_ Bonk was one of my favorite Turbo Grafx games - believe it or not I still have the portable TG player so I can still play.



  • Blog your way to the PDC

    Indeed I have been trolling since the site was first up.  It is going to be a fun experience finally jumping into the fray!

    Oh and if you are wondering what type of niner I'll be, check this link out: Flame Warriors by Mike Reed

    And to not completely highjack this thread, how many folks think they might try the "Blog you way to PDC" contest?

    And to answer an earlier question, I don't believe there is any reason why you couldn't enter both, but I'll check with the team and let you know for sure.


  • Blog your way to the PDC

    Steve411 wrote:
    Carefull, bethq, Some of us are mean and will attempt to throw you overboard for what ever reason!Smiley Just kidding. Yello.

    Hey I wouldn't expect any less from you guys!  Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I'll be spending the next three weeks living and breathing the forums, so that by the time I officially start I'll hopefully know who is most likely to pitch me off the side of a moving boat.


  • Blog your way to the PDC

    Nice detective work Maurits!  I was literally just finishing up a post on my blog regarding joining the team, when Jeff IM'd me that someone had figured it out. 

    If you don't know me, all I can say is I'm an fierce advocate for our customers and our community, and I couldn't think of a better place to put all of my energy than into Channel 9. 

    It's an honor to be coming aboard.