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  • Kevin Schofield - Tour of MS Research's University Relations Group

    Geez, men are the same no matter where you go... Tongue Out

    Anyway, hooray for Sarah.  I've been into computers since around 1973, since my father was a programmer back in the day.  Worked on the earliest versions of Pascal.  I remember him bringing me a baby tee, with a picture on it showing a baby working with baby blocks that had the letters PASCAL on them.  I loved that t-shirt.  Back then, we had a home computer...a big box, with no lid, a lot of circuit boards exposed, and a little black and white tv hooked up to it.  If he hadn't been an alcoholic, he may have ended up hanging with Mr. Gates and others.  Oh well.

    Anyway, originally, I wanted to be an oceanographer, but things never worked out that way, and I'm heading back into computers.  It's the only way to mix the analytical and creative parts of me.  Well, that is, until I figure out how to knit a program... Big Smile