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  • Microsoft HD5000 and HD5001 Webcams

    What I'd really like is a camera like these or the Cinema HD with an ethernet port on the back and be able to point media player at it. Having it encode to MP4/h.264 and present the video as a stream so multiple devices could access it.

  • Progression of the Iconic Background

    Maybe its because birds and butterflies often fly into windows? Perplexed

  • Ping: Episode 2

    ARGH! The video like the first one that I pointed out is still horribly interlaced, its unwatchable.
  • Ping: Episode 1

    Everyone else seems to be focused on the content and whether it fits into their view of what C9 is or is not, I'd like to comment on the quality of the video and how it was almost unwatchable for me. I downloaded the WMV (High) video "PING01_2MB_ch9.wmv" and the interlacing started to give me a headache, it was terrible. Every movement showing lots of breakup, its very hard on the eyes.

    Please use a progressive capture or run the video through a de-interlacing step at least, the videos from Charles' interviews does not suffer from this problem.

    Example... (can you tell she's holding a mic?)

  • Expert to Expert: Brian Beckman and Sam Druker - Deep Entity Framework

    Is there interview/blog or anything that compares the Entity Framework to NHibernate or other ORM mappers? I'd like to get a some detail into the differences between that and the EF, EF's advantages/disadvantages/etc...

    I just finished my part of a project and I used ORM for the first time, the Castle Project's ActiveRecord witch is built on top of NHibernate, and I really liked it for the most part.

  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated

    The audio is messed up for me in the embeded silverlight player, Silverlight Version: 1.0.20816.0. Its blown out and all staticy, as if the valume was cranked way up and the speakers where blown out. And the audio slider has no effect unless its all the way off.

    The wmv stream sounds fine though. This is with XP in Firefox & IE6. Using the integrated audio on my nForce mainboard, and audio is fine in everything else.

    Any ideas whats wrong with silverlight?
  • Mike Nash: Windows Vista Status Report and Announcing SP1 Beta 1

    The changing of software development status names is annoying, this one especially. Beta is what used to be Alpha and Release Candidate is what used to be Beta.

    Why call it a Release Candidate if you have no intention of actually releasing that version? It makes so sense.