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  • Keynote #1

    I really Love this new OS ! I can't imagine winning over a lot of developers at first as they are used to jumping on and off their platforms in a blink of an eye , This one will take a while to become familiar with . I am really happy about trying to join all the apps at the boot as I think this system just needs to remain on . It seems that Microsoft has hit one out of the ball park with Win 8 Dev. Preview ! It seems to beg for the user to try to do something and it begins learning immediately ! Anything I try to do , seems to induce the system to help me do it BRAVO Microsoft ! I really can't wait to get into this OS and work to Fine Tune things . Now all I have to do is come up with a really nice touch screen monitor and I can have the best of both worlds . An intelligent consumer OS and a dedicated platform for the latest builds ! Thank You Microsoft for letting us all try this ! Happy Holidays !