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billy billy webxtasy
  • Favourite Web Browser

    I use Safari at home, and one of the many Gecko implementations as work, along with IE. My preference is anything but IE. Sure, I know, market share... but if 95% of the prople in the world jumped off a cliff... you know the rest. I'm a web dude, first and foremost. I'ts not only my job to know standards, it's my passion. If IE actually supported the modern standards, fine, but it has never been the best browser in my oppinion, and as of late (last few years) it hasn't progressed at all. That is the problem with dominance, Microsoft dominates the browser, and they no longer need to pour hard earned cash into it. The real problem is, people it's now drifted to server code as well. The default in ASP.Net is IE support, or HTML 3.2, and that's just plain unacceptable. Every browser I use supports Javascript, yet, due to MS's dominance, the runtime doesn't care.

  • Something a little different...

    I also do the "pull and release" thing, the drum thing, and the headphones, cranked loud enough that folks can here them in the neighboring cubes. Probably my worst thing though is cursing at my computer. I find it a great release, and though I've expected others to complain, most say, "don't stop...ever". I also tend to be thinking about the project during every waking moment. I think that's what makes us programmers. Here is an article I like on the subject http://www.devx.com/DevX/Article/11659

  • Technocrati for sale on eBay????

    That's nothing (spelling issue). Once I was doing some search engine placement work for a company I worked at and managed to pull a number one result (yeah... first in the list). The next time I was in my manager's office, I told him about it. He didn't believe me and asked for me to show him, so I went around his desk, pulled up the certain search engine and searched for the primary words plus the target city... you can imagine the many shades of red I became when he pointed out that I had misspelled Phoenix! Never did live that one down over at that place... good thing I was doing that in my spare time and it wasn't my primary function there Smiley

  • Your System Specs.

    Classified! I could tell you, but I'd have to DOS you * infinity!

  • techtv and apple bias

    There is a difference between market share and install base... Mac has a lower market share because they are upgraded less often. Anyway, this conversation seems like it should be hosted at slashdot.

  • .NET Framework Future ?!

    jcarlisle, I'm not saying that COM in the background is bad from a performance (unless it was a problem with the COM implementation) or productivity standpoint. Just that there are some things that really keep me up all night digging around the framework, and are exciting, while other aspects that are just wrapping old COM functionality do the opposite. It's more as you say, that I feel I have been *sniff, sniff* misled. Where it really comes in to play is when we are deciding whether something should implement something in .Net or J2EE. Naturally the Windows folk say .Net while the Java guys say J2EE. And really the deciding factor is always performance, and stability followed manageability. This is when we (the .Net folk) start quoting things we get from MS about those topics. Let me tell you, it's hasn't been good when we win an argument with "but it's different now" or "it works better or easier now" then have to come back and say "well, underneath, it's still the same old thing. It's just that the semantics are different on the surface, becuase performance and stability do not come from easyier development or better productivity during the coding cycle. It's what's under the hood that matters.

  • .NET Framework Future ?!

    JParrish, After furthure investigation (here at home on my Mac) I don't have that much GUI stuff in Java. The ones that I do aren't as responsive as IntelliJ. Take JBidWatcher for instance, it is not bad, but it doesn't take that many items in the list view to bog it down a bit. I'll have to look at work on Monday, but perhaps, IntelliJ is an exception, and doesn't represent the rule.

  • How essential to Microsoft is Bill Gates?

    Jeremy W., I see, my bad. Good point.

  • To what degree does Microsoft use the dev tools they sell us?

    This is such a great thread... I hate to turn it south, but why MSBuild? Why not nAnt? As far as I can see (from my vantage point) there isn't much difference. Am I worng? This is one of the things that I can't understand (aside from distribution issues, I mean if using nAnt means that it has to be shipped seperatly from VS, I guess I have to live with it), why reinvent something, when MS could contribute to it and make it better (actually "embrace and extend")? nAnt has been around for a while and seems to be fine. I have personally used ant more than nAnt because the fact that it is written in C# doesn't make a difference if that is the only difference. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but honestly when I look at Whidbey, I get stoked, then I see things like MSBuild, which didn't originate at Microsoft, but are spoken of as if Microsoft is changing the world, and I back away. I just can't look someone in the face and say "I don't know what you are talking about, MS invented this" when I know different. Hopefully you guys can tell me I am wrong. Either way, this very moment, I think this site is BAD *! I have that funny feeling you get when you realize a feature of VS that you just *know* is going to make life better. Anyway, what gives, and thanks again for taking this time with *us*. It ROCKS!

  • Default Backgrounds for Operating Systems. What is the process and where do they come from?

    ... my sister's cousins's dog... damn, I farked that one up!