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Played rugby, surfed and fished. Seen and done amazing & marvelous things, and things no man ought to have seen or been trained to do - in 60 something years around this planet. Read and heard ideas, that have inspired, invigorated, appalled and disgusted. Would not have had it any other way!


  • Gary Daniels and Evan Goldring - Mock whiteboard problem

    For my own edification primarily, could you do this with regex?

    ignore case, iternational, etc

    strip white space, symbols, numerals etc
    get length of string
    divide by two = base length
          if not divisible by two -"not palindrome"

    net length = base length - 2 // you do not have to compare the last two letters if all others match.

    compare first and last character
        if no match - "not palindrome" 
    compare second and second last........

    this is bloody rough, hope you get the gist