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  • Understandi​ng the HTML5 You Wrote - 04

    Again, as I've said in a previous comment (lesson 2), this is such extensive material and at the same time so easily assimilated that I think beginners won't find a better learning resource.

    I'm already acquainted with web technologies (I've been reading on HTML5, CSS, Javascript, SQL, PHP and design concepts for a couple of years) and .NET programming (VB has been my hobby for 10 years), so most of the content in these lessons I'm already familiar with, but they are nonetheless interesting yet, as you are pointing out best practices and hints to more advanced practical cases, which is exactly what I was looking for in order to consolidate my knowledge in this field, as I haven't had many opportunities/time to practice web coding unfortunately.

    I'm going to have to watch the rest of the lessons offline, so I'm very grateful for that option too.

    Grasping web technologies is easy, delving into them on the other hand... it can be difficult at the beginning even for me (because of the complexity/multitude of information), but this video course is making it all seem less complex and complicated, so it's exactly what I need. I hope the C# course will have the same effect and teach practical use cases which differentiate it from VB (VB was great to learn, but now I think C# is more transparently structured - for example, when it comes to forms and how they as objects are created/identified in code or how the main() function is always present).

  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02

    @BobTabor: I'll also cover new trends (responsive web design, mobile first design), modern CSS frameworks and the like before it's all over.

    I can't wait to get to those parts! Excellent tutorials - I've had to learn web programming/design by reading books and online reference the past couple of years, but this is undoubtedly the better approach. May I suggest to young/new learners - obey every small piece of advice in these videos!

    I'll dive into those C# tutorials recommended in two reader's comments above absolutely. I haven't felt like investing the time in learning it yet, but I'm confident it'll be a lot easier, if not more enjoyable this way. Where can they be found?

    I only regret these weren't available earlier. I can see most websites poorly optimized/designed, so I intend to become a better website developer. This is the best start possible. For free!