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blowdart blowdart Peek-a-boo
  • Microsoft Hello

    There was a presentation at CanSecWest this year on how to fool them.

    Of course you really want to avoid them in the US because it's been ruled biometrics aren't private and so law enforcement can hold your thumb to your phone to unlock it quite legally (but they can't demand PINs)

  • There is no escape from the suck-train!

    Dismissing criticism because you don't like the delivery can be short sighted, but those delivering the criticism also need to realise that some people really don't have the time or energy to deal with uncivil discussion.

    However this thread has gone from Windows Sucks to You Suck, so we're done here.

  • Interesting CA behaviour

    , cheong wrote

    Okay, but still strange...

    According to KB3050995, Microsoft should have updated CTL to remove CNNIC from the list by 25 Mar, 2015. I have the referenced KB2813430 (for Win7) installed so I should be able to see the update. Therefore the CNNIC cert shouldn't be added.

    Still something strange...


    You're reading that wrong. The subordinate CA was revoked, not CNNIC, which would break pretty much all of China.

  • Issues about my phone nokia lumia

    Can you reach other sites?

    Does it work over wifi?

  • Before Surface Pro 4

    Whatever happened to being content with a backpack? Bloody youngsters.

  • Speccing out a convertible business laptop

    mode where ssd internal encryption key is wiped if the device gets too far away from something you carry like phone.

    Now that would be hilarious at blackhat.

  • Spartan and ClickOnce

    , Sven Groot wrote

    I think the only thing that non-IE browsers couldn't do was detect whether the .Net Framework was already installed (since IE sends that info in the UA string, other browsers do not), so it could decide whether to offer the bootstrap .exe or the .application file directly.

    And then we wrote a plugin for Firefox which did it.

  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    Ok, I forgot what it was called, but it's the API apps.  Since that will take care of all the oauth security and things for you, I'd assume that's more expense than creating an asp.net webapi

    You should have read the announcement then, rather than assume. You are wrong.


    App Service pricing is the same as existing Azure Websites pricing, offering new capabilities from Mobile, Logic, and API apps at no extra cost.

  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    I'm talking about a Azure website running asp.net web api with it's own web.config and iis.  VS the Azure web services api


    What's "Azure web services api"?

    The new announcement was for the App Service, which consists of four corners,

    • Web Apps - what was Azure Web Sites
    • Mobile Apps - what was Azure Mobile Services Zumo
    • Logic Apps - snap together services from other folks, and write code to branch and decide how those are called.
    • API Apps - allows you to write the things that all of the above use, or just expose apis in general, in a managed way, which can including billing on api use.

    And none of these will be limited to asp.net. Want to use node for your web app? Sure. Java for your mobile app? Sure. Your api written in python? Sure.


  • Suffering with installing assembly using ​InstallUtil.​exe

    installutil is generally there for testing when you can't be bothered to write an installer yet. It's doubtful it's going to run over a random DLL which has dependencies elsewhere