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blowdart blowdart Peek-a-boo
  • Speccing out a convertible business laptop

    mode where ssd internal encryption key is wiped if the device gets too far away from something you carry like phone.

    Now that would be hilarious at blackhat.

  • Spartan and ClickOnce

    , Sven Groot wrote

    I think the only thing that non-IE browsers couldn't do was detect whether the .Net Framework was already installed (since IE sends that info in the UA string, other browsers do not), so it could decide whether to offer the bootstrap .exe or the .application file directly.

    And then we wrote a plugin for Firefox which did it.

  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    Ok, I forgot what it was called, but it's the API apps.  Since that will take care of all the oauth security and things for you, I'd assume that's more expense than creating an asp.net webapi

    You should have read the announcement then, rather than assume. You are wrong.


    App Service pricing is the same as existing Azure Websites pricing, offering new capabilities from Mobile, Logic, and API apps at no extra cost.

  • So will people use this Azure Web Apps?

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    I'm talking about a Azure website running asp.net web api with it's own web.config and iis.  VS the Azure web services api


    What's "Azure web services api"?

    The new announcement was for the App Service, which consists of four corners,

    • Web Apps - what was Azure Web Sites
    • Mobile Apps - what was Azure Mobile Services Zumo
    • Logic Apps - snap together services from other folks, and write code to branch and decide how those are called.
    • API Apps - allows you to write the things that all of the above use, or just expose apis in general, in a managed way, which can including billing on api use.

    And none of these will be limited to asp.net. Want to use node for your web app? Sure. Java for your mobile app? Sure. Your api written in python? Sure.


  • Suffering with installing assembly using ​InstallUtil.​exe

    installutil is generally there for testing when you can't be bothered to write an installer yet. It's doubtful it's going to run over a random DLL which has dependencies elsewhere

  • The Blue Spinning Wheel. I KNOW it has a name!

    , Alsherman wrote

    So... it's been called that since....  Vista?  Win7 ?  Still looking for a tastier answer - no offense.  ;)

    Basil. It's called Basil.

  • Windows 10 for Windows Phones


    I'm not so concerned about any piracy aspect, I just find it hilarious that iPhones and now Windows Phones owners are happy to send requests through a country that is known to hack, develop spyware and steal information in order to get upgrades or around software licenses.

  • Windows 10 for Windows Phones

    So you used a web site in a country known for spyware to install an unknown OS? Sure, that's great.

  • Azure Cloud Service and SQL connection strings - how to configure ?

    , figuerres wrote


    nope, it seems to be lacking several things.

     I need to have a different value for local and for cloud

    in the page you link it shows a snip of the UI is visual studio that has "Connection string" that is not a database connection it is an azure storage connection.

    also I am using a database first / ef  and in the new ef you can not pass a parameter for the name of the connection string.  (the company dba folks do not want developers having code that creates tables and databases)

    ef db first is a guess part of the problem, why did they not allow a connection string parameter in V6 ? they did in the older ones.

    or I can't find an overload for new that has it exposed, the generated class file has  call to the ef base class that has a parameter ..... will have to play around with the code and see what's going on.

    also the azure walkthrough on setting up a cloud service is very light and does not spend much time on the details of setting up the publishing and configuring of a project.


    I sit in the next room to the EF folks. I'll go ask :D

  • Azure Cloud Service and SQL connection strings - how to configure ?

    I like putting the live settings into portal for web roles and worker roles because then no idiot checks them into github :D

    Same works for websites too.