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  • Vista Audio Stack and API

    I watched the video and it sounds cool. I'm working with professional audio devices. I'm actually write the firmware.
    i'm not a driver developer so don't shout too loud if this question is not supposed to be put here.Smiley
    The problem is like this: usually the user might change the number of channels that come and go to the device. For that you have either a USB or 1394 connected device.
    Whenever this happens Cubase gets really spooked or dies gracefully.
    The problem relies in the fact that wdm was designed for devices that always have the same channel configuration.
    The only solution is to disconnect the device and reconnect the device after a certain time. But then you don't get sound anymore. i mean it is suppose to be plug and play...
    After the device is reconnected a rediscovery process takes place and it is ok. But you need to restart your application change your setup and so on.... which is really ugly
    (Usually musicians don't understand the difference between digital or analogue and they expect that the device behaves like an analog device. Either they have crappy sound if the device is not in synch or they get sound.)
    is this taken care in Vista?
    Does the application have the possibility to register for a stream format change event?
    Maybe I missed it but i don't remember of any mention of this subject.
    i believe this is pretty cool feature especially when you have more then one devices on the bus (USB/1394). The problem relies mostly in the fact that you don't want to flood the bus with traffic if it is not necessary.