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  • Windows PowerShell: Origin and Future

    Interesting video.  How do UI's feature in PowerShell...?

    Recently I have been playing with a number of Windows Scripty/ish  things: Asim Jalis' CSBAT and Holger Schwichtenberg's DOTNET Scripting Host (DSH) as well as vbscript (WSH) and vbscript-based html applications which I am more familiar with.

    The first two tools make it really easy to script C# or (DSH only) and you get pretty much the same speed as if you had used  Visual Studio or Jeff Key's SnippetCompiler or even csc.exe to create an exe.  However,  I'm not sure yet how to bring a full UI  on the scene without going for VS.
    UI's  aside, they strike me as potentially very good ways to prototype - even if you have already come across Powershell. 

    For vbscript or javascript, html apps can work quite well for UI's and
    I wondered how UI's fit into or get utilised by Powershell.
    In the video Bruce stated that Powershell can be used for UI's and I wondered how this is done.

    Is there a powershell equivalent to html apps?
    If not, are there standalone tools to design them?

    Thanks for any comments / replies.