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  • Hawaii interns XAPfest 2011

    @Adam It doesn't matter. She didn't use the Hawaii services. Why is this so hard to understand? The judges blew it.

    The app is a great idea. No question about it. But the competition was to use Hawaii services.

    If they had 100 submissions and only one used Hawaii services and it was the most pointless application it should have won.

    It's like running an art competition where contestants have to use the color blue and the winner doesn't even use the color blue.

  • Hawaii interns XAPfest 2011

    This competition was creating an app that used the integrated Hawaii services. Which she did not.

    "Did you use any Hawaii features?" "No, but I'm thinking of using the Relay Capture"? Seriously? Anyone can go into a competition and say "Well, I'm going to add this, that and the other thing to the app later on"

    This wasn't the create a simple, missing feature app. It was to create an app that used the Hawaii features so that they are showcased. Way to ruin this entire "XAPFEST"...

  • XAPFest 2011 Sizzle Reel

    The winner didn't even use the integrated Hawaii services! Haha!