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  • Bring your desktop apps to UWP and the Windows Store using the Desktop Bridge

    @aceguy2017:  I think the video explains this pretty well.

    The desktop bridge allows you to run mixed components.  You can write your UI in a UWP executable, couple it with a desktop executable for anything that UWP doesn't allow, and package all that up as one application.  As more and more Win32 APIs are ported to UWP, the amount of code in the desktop executable can decrease (perhaps even go away at some point).

    For cases where the application needs more power/trust than even a Centennial app would allow (such as a driver or system service), you could make that part available as a separate download and let the Store app communicate with it when necessary.

  • The Future of C#

    Is this going to be part of the live broadcast?  It overlaps other talks on the main page.

  • Ping 196: Robocop and Search with Bing, AMA Bill Gates, FAA, Nokia Icon and Wearable Skirt

    Unsubsidized, that skirt would cost $26,215 USD plus tax.

    EDIT:  Wait, scratch that.  There aren't 35 phones on the skirt.  I count at least 42 that I can see.  Assuming there are double that, the skirt is worth $62,916.

  • Git Support Added to Visual Studio and TFS

    Great job!

    Any chance this will lead to Mercurial integration?  It would seem easy to do given the similarities with git.

  • Designing Windows 8 Line of Business Apps Revisited

    I was about to make the same comment as contextfree`.  I might go one step further and automatically save as I go.

    I also feel that JamesB's comment was insightful.  I think your data entry forms have the appropriate information density, but that the "summary" views and other read-only views should be more information rich.  The result is more clicks and more pages, which in medium or large LOB apps would cause the user to lose context and get lost.  It's almost too much even in this small app.

    The app is boring.  I feel that many Windows 8 apps are this way.  I suppose that developers fear what Microsoft would think if they used more than two colors.  And I don't like the inconsistency in the color scheme.  The summary screens use a light overall background, and dark tiles with light text.  Then, data entry screens use a light background with dark text.  I would make the summary screens have a darker background, and then use that with light text for data entry.  (Or, do the inverse if you would rather have dark text on light backgrounds.)

  • Sketchflow in 90 seconds

    Agreed... very nice, short and sweet.  Channel 9... seriously... do this MORE!

  • Nikolai Tillmann: Moles - Replace any .NET method with a delegate

    Nice!  Now, if you could convince the C#/CLR guys to add this to the next release, so that the DLL generation was unnecessary...


    In other words, I would like it if you could change the syntax of that added line of code to something like:


    override get DateTime.Now = () => new DateTime(2000, 1, 1);

  • The .NET4 Countdown ​Synchroniza​tion Primitive

    Agreed with sokhaty.  As it stands, how exactly is this different from a counting semaphore?

  • Introducing Click-to-Run in Office 2010

    Click-to-Run?  Sounds awfully similar to the Click 'N Run service from Linspire.


    Come on Microsoft... first you sue because Lindows sounds too much like Windows, then you turn around and do the same to them.

  • 10-4 Episode 32: MEF Preview 7

    Thanks Glenn. Smiley


    Do you (or anyone) know if there is work on a custom ExportProvider for CommonServiceLocator containers?  I've found this:  But it looks to only expose MEF's container as a CSL.


    Thanks again!


  • 10-4 Episode 32: MEF Preview 7

    I may have missed something at some point, but when did the ability to hook into another IoC container get added?  This has been a hot topic for MEF, and I didn't see anything about it in the release notes.


    Regardless, does this mean that I can use (for instance) Windsor as the back-end container for MEF, and it would give Windsor the ability to discover plugins and compose based on the Import and Export attributes in MEF?  If so, this is great news!  We had just decided to drop MEF in favor of rolling our own plugin discovery with Windsor... maybe we don't have to anymore.

  • Bing: Test Drive Microsofts new search engine

    The one thing Microsoft doesn't quite seem to get: simplicity.

    A search page also needs to:

    • Be fast
    • Get out of the way
    • Not look like something from MySpace
    I think they got the last one right with Bing (over MSN's home page... that site just sucks).  The jury is out on the first two.
    Google has had all three right since day 1.  Except for iGoogle... I don't like that either... it takes just a hair longer to load, and on a slow computer or connection, that violates #1 and #2.