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  • Do you find the Win 10 build 10122 "Hoth" theme to your liking?

    , BitFlipper wrote

    The right thing MS should have done is to leave the tried and true UI design in place when working in a windowed environment, and when the app runs in fullscreen like on a phone or tablet, then have minimal chrome. We already have the ability to let the OS render the chrome, so the app is already portable between different environments. How does such a design exclude a write-once-run-anywhere goal?

    They could keep the ability to clearly see focus without having any extraneous chrome.  Adding color to the focused window title bar, but getting rid of all the "pretty" glassy effects, would solve a lot.

  • Do you find the Win 10 build 10122 "Hoth" theme to your liking?

    I didn't realize we were deleting posts on this forum.  Especially for sharing an opinion in a non-defamatory way.

  • Do you find the Win 10 build 10122 "Hoth" theme to your liking?

    I agree.  I'd like the title bar color to change to indicate which window is focused.

    I also think the minimize/maximize/close buttons look off-center, like they should be lower (really, the problem is that the buttons are too thin).  In universal apps, the buttons are thicker so that the alignment appears correct.

  • Lets talk about USB3 TypeC

    Chicken and egg... fortunately, Apple has volunteered to be the chicken, so perhaps it will get off the ground faster.  I hope so.

  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    @figuerres:  I would love everything to be hackable too, but there are real costs involved in doing that.  Devices have to be designed and rigorously tested in ways that aren't needed otherwise.  Manuals have to be created.  The devices and their operating systems have to be hardened to resist security breaches that can be created by the hacks.  Supporting hacks that exploit security holes puts the company at higher risk.

    Those costs of course get passed on to the consumer.  And if the vast majority of consumers don't want those features, they might be willing to pay a competitor less for providing the same experience.

    That said... I totally agree with you when you said "they limit what you can legally do with them".  If it's your device, you should be able to use it however you want... supported or not.

  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    , Bass wrote

    These appliance-like devices that are popular these days put harsh restrictions on programs that can be used to create other programs, so it's not even that programming is less accessible, it's becoming prohibited completely.

    I find this take interesting, because in reality these devices are much more flexible and programmable than they ever have been before.

    Before, your thermostat turned your HVAC on if the temperature exceeded a threshold.  Now it is internet connected and has a screen and can run apps.  Those apps might give you more control over the device, provide a way to control the thermostat from the Internet, or provide a communication mechanism that allows multiple thermostats to work together more intelligently.

    Or those apps can play games.  Or show a news feed.  Or show different colors based on the status of your build server.  Or any number of things that have nothing to do with thermostat stuff.

    Sure you can't easily program directly on the device, but how is that different than before?  At least now you can write a program on a PC and load that program onto the device... something you couldn't do before.

  • how recent is adblocker?

    Ads aren't intrinsically a problem, at least they aren't for me anyway.  It's how they are implemented.  "Good" ads always follow these rules, at a minimum:

    1. No popups
    2. No fake page content or fake navigation
    3. Content is never obstructed by ads
    4. Content loads first, ads load last

    And for mobile sites, ads should use the minimum bandwidth possible.

  • No More delays waiting for operators to implement Windows Mobile updates?

    @cheong:  I would expect these devices would by default be on the equivalent of the desktop "slow" tier, such that OEMs, carriers, and developers could get a version earlier to test.

  • Windows 10 is mobilised

    @spivonious:  According to this, existing devices below 8" can upgrade to full Windows 10 capable of running Win32 apps, while new devices under 8" will be sold only with Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Windows 10 is mobilised

    @DeathByVisualStudio:  Hmm, I just assumed that mean ARM but I suppose there's nothing stopping them from small Intel phones and tablets.