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bondsbw bondsbw
  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    @evildictaitor:  Hey now... I can fully hate Oracle and like open source principles at the same time.  :P

  • Surface phone

    @Ian2:  Agreed.  The reason Android took off was because it offered something people wanted and couldn't get with their iPhones or Blackberry devices, namely choice.  It showed that you could have a modern, easy-to-use smartphone with a physical keyboard (or not) and low price (or not) and more capabilities with apps that were able to work together better.

    For Microsoft to take off in this market, they have to do something different that people really want.  It can't just sit in the same area that Android has, but without Android compatibility... the market for that is too small I think.

    Continuum is a great feature the competition doesn't have.  Unfortunately, I think for it to have the impact Microsoft wants, there has to be a lot of infrastructure... in the form of coffee shops and university labs having dockable screens and input devices that are compatible with these phones.  THAT would be incredibly useful, but I have extreme doubts it will happen in the time frames necessary to be successful.

  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    Google wins legal fight with Oracle, jury rules for fair use of Java in Android

  • Nasty Microsoft

    , elmer wrote

    Microsoft - make a product that people WANT to install.

    If it were only that simple.  Many people just want to use the same OS with no changes whatsoever.  But then they also want it to have the latest security and performance enhancements along with compatibility with the newest applications and other improvements.

    Windows 10 is built to give them exactly that.  It is the last version of Windows, everything else from here out is updates.  But they have to be on Windows 10 in order to take advantage of it.

    That said... I don't like their forced upgrade strategy either.  But the reasons I don't like it are face value, that it is annoying and they have made it very difficult to circumvent.  I look forward to the reality that one day, most people won't be stuck on an old OS for a significant period of time.

  • Nasty Microsoft

    @MasterPi:  Sure the design is poor, but if you assume "good UI" implies "safe", then you're probably already infected.

  • Nasty Microsoft

    , MasterPi wrote

    I can't tell if that's an actual Windows dialog or a pretend malware popup.

    That can be said for literally every UI element in any operating system.

  • Lumia Phone Firesale?


    • It's a Microsoft developer forum
    • Patents are bad when they are used by the big guy to hurt the little guy.  Who cares when the big guys use them against each other (especially a royalty approach, as opposed to cease-and-desist).
  • Microsoft Edge on Linux

    Not soon. 


    "At this time, we don't plan to open-source Microsoft Edge or its platform components," Microsoft declared in a statement in a new FAQ for its Edge browser.

  • MS selling feature phone business

    , magicalclick wrote

    that's my thought, but, you are the only one saying the same thing so far. I almost thought only me thinks this way.

    He's not the only one.  I had actually forgotten that MS still had that part of the acquisition, I assumed it would have been sold off immediately.

  • a thread with no name ??

    @cbae:  Interesting, that's not what the page source is.  But I get the same HTML when I try to inspect in Chrome and click Edit HTML.

    I think this is what the browser is interpreting as a single tag, because the front of the tag is not closed:

    <asp:EntityDataSource not working in VS2015 Visual Web&#160;Part</a>

    The last </a> is the closing tag of the anchor that holds this text, but I doubt the browser interprets it that way.  It probably just ignores the </ as bad HTML and keeps reading until the >.  Then it sees the following </td> and assumes a missing </asp:EntityDataSource> and a missing </a>.

    Simply put, some HTML encoding should do the trick.