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bondsbw bondsbw
  • XboxOne is struggling in Europe.

    Wow, I've seen some fanboys before but the guy who wrote that article takes the cake.

    Despite Microsoft's best efforts, Sony laid waste to the Los Angeles big stage

    And on another article he links from that one:

    Sony dropped a barnstorming performance consisting of a barrage of hits so violent even the sternest of opponents would have dragged itself off to bed with a bloody nose.

    Except that according to preorder data provided by Amazon after E3, it's just the opposite:


    The figures certainly favour Microsoft titles, with only two first party PS4 exclusives (Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn) making the list.

    And if I understand correctly, most of Sony's games are nearly a year out.

    That article is just about games, where Sony traditionally dominates. Microsoft showed off some major console features as well, and Sony barely mentioned any.

    So, based on actual facts and real data, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that your article's author is so biased that Sony could have come out on the stage and said "We got nuthin" and he would have called it a victory.

  • GB game patches.

    @kettch:  Yep, and it's all because meeting a deadline is now more important than creating a game that is perfect on-disk.

    And it's not really to say that's a bad thing... because the deadline would exist regardless.  So if we didn't have game patches, we would probably have games that cut more corners... I'd rather get patches honestly.

    (To a degree, that is.  I don't ever want to go through another Halo MCC experience... any game really should be without significant flaws by release, and the turnaround on bugs that slipped by testing should be very quick.)

  • This is outrageous. clippy related.

    @magicalclick:  Perhaps they are looking into what parts of Clippy should, and should not, be replicated in Cortana or other personal assistant features.

  • This is outrageous. clippy related.

    So essentially, the lack of gender qualities = male.

    You're right... nowadays if there is any visible sign of gender it is almost always female.  Males are basically females without any female qualities, or so our culture would have us believe.

  • A new Crockford talk

    @fanbaby:  A C# application developer (who doesn't work on websites) wouldn't necessarily have to know anything about JavaScript or Crockford.

  • A new Crockford talk

    You know, I've got to admit, he may be on to something.  Instead of trying to reinvent the web all at once and totally failing (because it works as-is and who has time to rewrite the web), he wants to build a new way to improve the secure side of the web... something I think the world, and particularly the financial industry, is hungry to do.

    I hope this goes somewhere.

  • GB game patches.

    @magicalclick:  Agreed, but it could be that they roll up all the updates into one package.  And, I'm not sure if they do diff-level updates or if they just ship new files.

    On a past project I worked on, we eventually decided to do full-file patches because applying diff patches would corrupt a file in some cases.  (In our case we used MSP-based patching.  I thought it was pretty much THE way to do patches, until I discovered by searching my registry that the only application on my whole system that used MSP--with tons of Microsoft and third party applications installed--was ours.)

    I'm sure there are better diff/patch tools than what we used, but regardless you have to be more careful... it's just easier to use full-file.

  • GB game patches.

    , magicalclick wrote

    But why so many contents are broken??? I mean, what can you do with fix textures??? I mean, is this that common to have broken contents???

    Because of the Internet.

    No, really, the Internet allows companies to be a bit less careful about pushing out buggy games.  And it's not just games, its all kinds of apps and programs, and operating systems too.

    It won't completely ruin a company's rep if the game crashes when you jump onto the crate on the left side of the room immediately following the point where the boss jumps off the train and eats the peon you are supposed to care about but not really.  Week 2, you get an update, bug is gone.

    But then again, customers are better off in others ways.  Less strict testing means more resources can be devoted toward feature enhancements, or speedier delivery, or lower price.  Personally I prefer feature enhancements with future bug fixes--because most companies will support bug fixes after release, but few add new features after release.

  • Windows Phone 10 is coming.

    I had a Motorola phone where the USB was getting loose.  But it turned out it wasn't the port on the device, but rather some cheap crappy cables that wore out over time.  When I switched to using the (smaller) official cable that came with the phone, it never wore out.

  • XBox One To Play XBox 360 games.

    , eddwo wrote

    Does it support original Xbox games too via double-backwards compatibility? 

    I haven't seen anything suggesting this.  But since the original Xbox architecture is much closer to that of the Xbox One, it would be much more straightforward to just implement a separate emulator for the original Xbox.

    Even the term "emulator" might be a bit overstated, as I would be only a little surprised if the Xbox One could just boot the original Xbox OS inside the virtual machine dedicated to its gaming OS.  Probably not without at least some tweaks (likely GPU architecture emulation and some other hardware drivers, etc.).