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bondsbw bondsbw
  • The new 2019

    Back to the video... I'm probably most looking forward to the types of interaction like you see at around 1:03.  One user moves an image from the tablet to the desktop in as natural of a way as I can think of.

    This is really the future of device usage... multiple devices speaking to each other, allowing the user to move data and execution context from device to device.  I want to be able to cut/copy something on one device and immediately paste it to another.  If I start using an app on my phone and decide that a larger screen with keyboard and mouse would be more productive, I'd like to simply put my phone away and open up my computer to see the app ready for use in the state I left it on the phone.

    Apple is probably leading this effort at the moment, but the "One Microsoft" strategy feels like it could really take it to the next level if done well.

  • The new 2019

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    I also like how they are make Windows Store apps feel more like they belong on the desktop. I'd hope that would help spur adoption of WinRT and encourage Microsoft to keep extending it.

    Now what I'd like to see Microsoft do is allow desktop versions of Windows to easily sideload WinRT apps.  I can understand why they didn't do that under W8; users could easily distinguish store apps from desktop apps and could trust store apps more (i.e. the sandbox prohibited arbitrary code execution, sharing of data between apps was only allowed explicitly by user request, etc.).

    But under W10, it's definitely starting to get harder to tell what is a store app vs. a desktop app.  So let me sideload those apps without hassle.

  • The new 2019

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    I thought that's where Microsoft was trying to take us with W8 

    Same here.  I'm just starting to think, perhaps Microsoft really has no viable way to get from here to the end goal?  RT was the most likely path, breaking completely* from the desktop and supporting a new tablet ecosystem separate from the desktop.  But now it seems RT is dead.

    * by "completely", of course RT never completely removed the shackles of the desktop.  But feasibly a future iteration could have done so, just as Windows 10 for phones has no desktop environment.

  • The new 2019

    @DeathByVisualStudio:  Unfortunately, nothing in that video reminded me of the desktop experience, and really felt different from W8-style touch as well.

    Perhaps the Courier was never actually killed, but just moved into a HoloLens-style secret room?

  • The new 2019

  • more on HoloLens API: ​Windows.​Mirage.​Hologram​Framework

    @DeathByVisualStudio:  I definitely prefer WPF/XAML over WinForms, but yeah, I'd like something more readable than XML.

    I've considered writing a converter from some form of YAML-based XAML to true XAML that is run as a pre-build step, but of course it would lack tooling and would be foreign to others who work on my projects.  Official support for a more readable language would be nice.

  • more on HoloLens API: ​Windows.​Mirage.​Hologram​Framework

    @felix9:  Holographically FML... haha.

    But that's cool, I hope they choose a format more like YAML or even JSON.  I've lost my love of XML for defining UI.

  • eeeerrrrrkk​kkkkk i hate this restriction.

    Awesome, was it the same on phone?

  • eeeerrrrrkk​kkkkk i hate this restriction.

    Oops, didn't notice that was a Windows 8/Windows Phone site.  I saw the X and games and assumed it was Xbox related.

    According to this:  http://www.guidingtech.com/20936/change-windows-8-store-region/

    It might just be a quick setting change in Windows.  Don't know about phone.  Good luck.

  • eeeerrrrrkk​kkkkk i hate this restriction.

    Evidently you can:  http://support.xbox.com/en-US/my-account/manage-account/change-region

    Check the warnings first.  You can only do this once every 3 months.