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  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    @Bass:  Agreed 100%.  C# has been my primary for over a decade now, but when we started using a Ruby application and I needed to tweak and create a plugin and etc., I learned Ruby.  When I needed C and Java, I relearned C and Java.  When I needed Linux, I relearned Linux.  As well as the dozens of other languages and platforms that I've found a need to use over the years.

    If you can't pick up a popular language well enough to do real work within a few days, you haven't done enough programming.

  • why do win10 updates wipe my This PC URL history

    Removing modern apps isn't the answer.  Making them better is.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    I agree... I understand that Microsoft needs to get out from under its huge pile of legacy support, and I'm ok with that.  But I feel with Windows 10 and UWP that they need to stop with the rebranding and changing things for the sake of changes.  Improvements, yes... breaking changes or major redesigns, no.

    They need to establish a baseline brand again on top of these technologies and improve from there for another long time.

  • Does the Surface Book have Apple quaking in their boots already?

    @cheong:  I think you know the difference between pro devices and casual devices depending on how much work you could lose when the OS crashes.

    I suspect the iPad "Pro" will not have that much work to be lost.

  • Does the Surface Book have Apple quaking in their boots already?

    , fanbaby wrote

    Currently: Apple products are debugged and working perfectly.

    Haha, this is funny... out of all the brands of products I've had to get repaired for manufacturing defects, Apple is by far the worst.  I believe they try very hard to get it right (more than most), and I've never received an Apple product that was DOA, but their bleeding edge designs come at the cost of defects that come out in real world use.

    Apple's main strength is keeping everything in-house.  But anybody would do well in that kind of setting.  When they have to venture out (e.g. Windows apps) their quality drops tremendously and is decidedly worse than other companies, particularly Microsoft who has a very long history of working with others.

  • Windows 10 + 4K Monitor - Painful

    @magicalclick:  I do appreciate the ability to file feedback.  I never said otherwise.

    Although, it's no better than Windows 8 snap mode other than you don't have to put W10 in full tablet mode to use it.  It's not a full tiling window manager which would make situations like BitFlipper's large monitor easier to handle.

  • Windows 10 + 4K Monitor - Painful

    @BitFlipper:  Have you installed the latest update yet (TH2)?

    It has made some of this better (well, in some ways):

    • Focused windows now use your system theme color on the title bar (and white when not focused)
    • When you snap a window and fill the rest of the space with another window, resizing one of the windows at the border in between will resize the other simultaneously, kind of like metro snap

    I like the second feature a lot for large screens, although it would be better if it worked for vertically-snapped windows and not just horizontally-snapped windows.

    Keep putting your feedback into the feedback app, it seems they have been listening and the next update (Redstone) will be bigger.

  • Windows 10 Fall Version

    @vesuvius:  An easier way to switch to tablet mode is using the Action Center, which can be activated by either:

    • Swiping from the right on a touchscreen
    • Clicking the Action Center icon in the system tray (the icon looks like a message bubble/square)
    • Windows Key + A

    then clicking Tablet Mode.

    I could not find any direct hotkey for tablet mode, although I did come across an article from March (pre-RTM) that claimed Windows Key + ` did it.  That seems to have been removed.

  • No more end to end encryption

    So if I run a wireless access point for my friends, but I don't force them to use HTTPS via a proxy I control and using a certificate I own, then I can go to jail?

  • More "accidental" upgrades in the works

    That's an average.  Do a line graph, and limit it to desktop (no consoles/tablets).  Then you can see trends better and hover over the graph to see the progression day to day.

    I've played with statcounter a bit and the October 10th-20th time frame (when the "accident" was active) seems to have a higher W10-increase than the one ten days later (20th-30th)

    0.55 vs 0.27 percentage difference.

    I don't get those numbers.  Oct 10-20 shows a decrease of 3.7% because Oct 10 was a Saturday and Oct 20 was a Tuesday, and weekends naturally have higher usage numbers.  Oct 20-29 (Oct 30 stats aren't out yet) show a 0.6% increase in usage.

    But such short time periods don't say much.  There is too much volatility.  If I had chosen Oct 20-28 instead, I would have seen a 3.0% increase.