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bondsbw bondsbw
  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    , KirbyFC wrote

    Nobody can leave anything alone.  Nobody values stability and familiarity any more.  Constantly changing things just for the sake of making them different, 

    You're essentially saying, security and performance improvements are all you want.  You have that, it's called Windows Update.  Cool thing is, it's free.

    It should be glaringly obvious that Microsoft suffered from a huge amount of stagnation.  Essentially they did what you wanted.  Meanwhile, Apple and Google ate Microsoft's lunch, taking away a huge portion of their market base, and Microsoft has been in catch-up mode ever since.

    You and several others on this board just seem to hate the idea of change.  All I can say is, get over it.  It happens, and it will continue to happen so long as there is healthy market competition.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    @spivonious:  Summer OEM release with GA near late October/early November would be standard.

    But I also heard they are trying to be ready for back-to-school sales.

  • Dart bites the dust

    I wish we could just take F#, name it JavaScript 2.0, and tell everyone it's not backwards compatible but will be in every browser so you can use it if you want.

  • Spartan will go open source

    Of course, I also would love the idea of open sourcing Windows.  I'm not holding my breath on that one.

  • Spartan will go open source

    I love the idea.  (Obviously I'm not Microsoft so I don't have anything to lose over the matter.)

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    @wastingtimewithforums:  Fair enough, although long rants are probably going to be ignored than individual items.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    @wastingtimewithforums:  Have you used the Windows 10 feedback tool?  This forum probably doesn't make that much of a difference.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    @felix9:  Hmm... that just seems strange, calling W8 apps "legacy".

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    I'm concerned about just how much Windows 10 has broken the tablet UI.

    Swiping from the bottom used to bring up app bars. Now, it does some useless hiding-then-unhiding animation on the taskbar.  The only way to bring up app bars in tablet mode, that I can find, is to do the following process:

    1. Tap near the top of the screen
    2. Tap the hamburger in the upper left corner
    3. Tap "App Commands"

    Going from 1 swipe to 3 taps, just to get to the list of options you can select from, is really bad UX design.

    The full screen Start Menu, with its transparency, can be difficult to look at when apps are behind it.  I preferred solid colors or the desktop background.

    The All Apps button in W8.1 used to show you the list of apps using the full width of Start.  Now it makes you scroll through a small column while keeping tiles to the right.

    I love the idea of Continuum, but I don't care much for how compromised it feels especially considering that the whole point is to provide two separate UIs based on context.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    Actually, it seems the wasted space is due to my resolution which is evidently just barely too small to fit another tile group.  Still, annoying.