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bondsbw bondsbw
  • Is anyone considering voting for Gary Johnson?

    @davewill:  So, vote Republican because there are too many Republicans in the Libertarian Party?

    Even if that logic were not absurd, it ignores the fact that Johnson is quite popular among millennials and other Bernie supporters who feel like they cannot back Hillary.

  • Is anyone considering voting for Gary Johnson?

    Absolutely.  He's got experience, he's climbed mountains (literally... climbed Mt. Everest, with a broken leg no less), and he seems to be sane... ok, well maybe other than the whole climbing-Everest-with-a-broken-leg thing.

    I don't agree with him 100% of the time.  And I'm no libertarian.  But he's a very capable leader who is able to work across the aisle to make real improvements, and he doesn't treat the word "compromise" as a bad word.  He has more support than both Trump and Clinton by active military as well as veterans.

    In any case, I'm beyond done with both the Ds and the Rs.  They've gone from bad to worse, and I think we'll be much better off if every issue is discussed openly instead of polarized by party affiliation.  And I really hope that a third party presidential candidate will help to fix our broken election system.

  • Windows 7 & Vista update process needs a fix

    The June 2016 rollup screwed up my Bluetooth stack. Don't know about July and August.

  • UWP Tutor NEEDED$$$

    Have you considered searching for books or online courses such as Pluralsight?

  • Is anyone considering voting for Donald Trump?

    @TexasToast:  Agreed, same here.

    However, I cannot vote for Trump either.  He is a narcissistic psychopath whose platform varies daily (and sometimes more often than that).  He would have zero remorse for destroying decades of foreign policy and relations; he'd probably do it while eating a taco on top of his Mexican wall while waving to the crowds of deportees, shouting how all the Hispanics love him.

    I'm still convinced it is a joke.  He's probably as surprised as anyone that it is actually working.

    No, I'm voting for Gary Johnson.  Screw the anti-"other guy" mindset.  I don't mind wasting my vote if it helps send a message that I'm done with the Ds and Rs.

  • Android phone

    @kettch:  Another fun question, ask him where he can plug in his second display into his "pro" device.  (If you happen to have an old Surface RT, this would be the time to dust it off and prepare to amaze.)

  • what is the future of the "Cable Company" in the USA?

    Cable companies provide three things:

    1. Physical lines/data link infrastructure
    2. Networking (Internet)
    3. Television content

    Consumers don't want to be locked into all 3.  The first to be unbundled will be TV, and we're already seeing this (Netflix, CBS All-Access, HBO Go, etc.).  Eventually I think the cable companies will wise up, so that you'll be able to purchase a U-Verse TV package that streams over your Charter internet service.

    Net neutrality is actually the thing locking your ISP to your physical connection.  There's not much point in Comcast providing the ISP service over your Fios line because they basically have to give you the same thing.  But if net neutrality loses, I think we'll see a similar situation as cell phone providers where some providers don't own their towers but rent bandwidth from competitors.

  • SpamSpamSpam

    @cheong:  Now it's 45

  • XboxOne S and Xbox Scorpio confirmed

    Makes me wonder, perhaps they will only sell it with some VR device?  If they can do less than $1000 for a bundled Scorpio + OR, that could be enticing.

  • XboxOne S and Xbox Scorpio confirmed

    I have a feeling that Scorpio will be a premium device, with a price point well above the Xbox One S.  Both will have their place in the market at the same time.

    I'm not sure about the timing of the announcement.  Without discussing the price range, the hype could be built up enough that 1) the price becomes a huge let-down, and 2) Sony will be able to create and deliver a good or better competitor in the same time frame.