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  • E2E: Brian Beckman and Erik Meijer - Co/​Contravaria​nce in Physics and Programming, 3 of n

    I've not read all the comments, but i have a question/suggestion.


    May it be that we are missign the coordinization of TIME and FUEL?

    Let's make more simple:


    10:00 AM : LONDON

    11:00 AM : PARIS

    12:AM : ROME


    In this case TIME is not a "continous variable", it's discrete.

    So, to be able to move to algebra to make calculus we need a function to move TIME frome discrete to continous, as we did with the POSTISIONS (cities).


    EDIT: to clarify. TIME in the timesheet is only a set of values. We can call them TIME_A, TIME_B, TIME_C. We need to apply a coordinization to TIME and FUEL as well. I think that the misleading is that that function is identity.


    So to answer Erik question:

    F :: (A -> B) -> (FA -> FB)

    i think A -> B is the lookup table itself.

    Then FA -> FB is the function that allows to compute position from time in the algebric way.

    In this way F, the coordinization, should be well defined. Cool



    P.S.: sorry if i mispelled somthing, but is the first time ever that i talk math in english Big Smile

    P.S.S.: sorry if i wrote a lot of  rubbish. Embarassed