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  • Alternate Keys in Entity Framework 7

    I use the fluent api mostly to disable cascade deletes when there are two paths between two entities. Please make the sql team lift the restriction. It's always a hassle to do the ping pong between entities, t =>, p=> t => again, p =>, finally. I never remember if I have to start from the many or the 1 side of the relation.  I would much prefer to just call a method, if maybe less 'fluently'.

  • SQL Generation Improvements in Entity Framework 7

    FromSql is great for the tricky sections of queries that need join hints. Is it possible to consume linq from FromSql, the opposite of what was shown?  Maybe joins are enough for composing both ways.

    I don't really liked parts of my queries silently running client side. I believe Linq2sql allowed this and EF broke with that.  EF7 seems a step back in the regards. Now, if turning code client side is explcit (with AsEnumerable now, for example), the feature gets my approval.

    I'm also REALLY concerned about the change in how include is done. This will be cause perf regression all over our code.  Repeating complex queries is awful. Please, please use a temp table, or use xml result sets. I prefer xml because I can consume only part of the query result without the server wastefully reading everything from disk.

  • Inside Windows 8: Pedro Teixeira - Thread pools

    Best c9 show yet.  The complexity level was just right.

  • Vance Morrison: CLR Through the Years

    This is the best channel 9 video I've seen.  The only things I would have added is more about scaling down the framework, making it fit silverlight and WinCE, and also the rest of the things that could have been made better, like utf8 strings.