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I’m an enthusiastic .NET developer who’s just finished a BSc Honours degree in Software Engineering.

It’s my ambition to work for Microsoft and develop new technologies that will help others to be more productive and be as passionate about technology as I am.


  • Windows Phone 7 at CES 2011

    If there's one thing I want Microsoft to listen to, with regards to Windows Phone 7, is to make sure providers and shops have demo stands for these devices so I can play with the phone (without having to ask for someone to go in the back and get one out a box). In the UK, only O2 have one phone actually set up to use in store. I can go into any phone shop in the UK and start playing with an iPhone (there's usually about three or more to play with). This is a barrier to entry. You (well, carriers) are making it harder to find out about how amazing this phone is. Please listen to this Microsoft, get those carriers to have some phones to play with right there in store. Hell, pay for it yourself if you have to!

    Windows Phone 7 is an awesome phone, I want to see more adverts that aren't trying to sell me a phone that I'm going to use less! I want a device that I'm gonig to be adicted to, play games on (linked to my Xbox... which I don't have Sad ), and all round enjoy to use. What the hell am I paying for if I'm going to use it less?



  • Visual Studio 2010 Code ​Visualizati​on Tools

    It's cool that UML modelling is now included, but the ~$11,000 price tag for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN -- which is the only package I'm aware of that will allow the creation of UML diagrams (, maybe out of reach for the small to medium size company's developers/software architects.

  • Rico Mariani: Writing better, faster code

    Wow, that was really insightful. Now I know who to thank when I find out there are only 9 elements in my collection and all of them are wrong during debug! Smiley
  • Shankar Vaidyanathan - VC++ IDE: Past, Present and Future

    Charles wrote:
    VC++ 2005 is the latest and greatest incarnation of VC++... It does not require C++ developers to write CLI-based code, however it makes it a hell of of lot more logical and easy to do should your aplication require interoperation with managed libraries, which will most likely increase with future iterations of Windows...

    Managed code is not a fad, it's the future, but umanaged code will not go away and will continue to play an important role in application development for the forseeable future...

    It's all about using the right tools to get your job done. Sometimes you may need both managed and unmanaged in your application. VC++ 2005 makes it easy to do so. It does not in any way require that you do so. I hope this is clear.

    Hit the nail right on the head there!

  • Richard Murillo - Using VSTS in Microsoft Legal

    I'm glad to hear (read) that there are a few Scoble interviews left. I'm not trying to insult Charles, he does some damn good interviews. I'm just wish Scoble could've chosen another path. I wish Scoble all the best best in his future endevours.

    And Charles, keep doing what you're doing. You're doing good. Smiley

  • Windows Live Messenger - What. How. Why.

    Wow, I've only just got round to actually watching this video. I've been busy busy busy. What with just graduating with a degree in Soft.Eng.

    Anyway, this video was especially interesting to me as for my Dissertation (final year project) I created a .NET version on the MSN Messenger. And not just the front end, I created my own presence and message services. All very fun. This is what I want to do for a career, and if that's with Microsoft; so much the better!

    I'm also in the process of redesigning it, making it more usefull (as the time constraints for the project was a little shorter than I'd hoped). I'm thinking of doing it in VB.NET this time round as I've never done VB.NET before; it would be a fun way to learn.

    Anyway, if any Microsoft recruiter wants to talk to me about my project (or legal team Tongue Out) then you're more than welcome to contact me; no really! Please! Smiley

    (Oh, I was also working on some cool encryption for all data sent to and from the services)