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brian.shapiro brian.​shapiro things go on as always
  • Microsoft Hello

    Hopefully, it'll recognize my evil twin's goatee and deny him access.

  • Hello Spartan!

    In Soviet Russia, we only have one hammer!

  • Windows 10 stinks!


    This was predictable, the people who hated W8 with a passion will hate W10 too.

    wastingtimewithforums, as someone who liked W8, I feel W10 (so far) has destroyed a lot of the good features of W8, like the start screen and settings flyouts. I'm happy to see how it develops in future builds, though. Other things in W10 I like. But the idea that they're sticking it to people who don't like W8 is absurd, since there are plenty of people who did like W8 like me who are unhappy so far with some of the changes in W10.

  • Blue or White?

    I don't see in color categories, only in discrete hex color codes.

  • Blue or White?

    You can open it up in Photoshop yourself and use the eye-dropper tool.

    The gold is pretty clearly there no matter what. There's a pretty clearly mid-range gold color that makes up a large portion of that color field. The greyish blues look more grey than blue, and the whitish blues are visibly blue, but are only in the highlights. There are also some shadows that are visibly blue, though most are more greyish.

  • Hololens ideas.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Sorry to be so arrogant on this, but, mixed reality furniture shopping is the definitive future, there is no way around it. It is not just a nice to have. It is like GPS vs paper map. There is no turning back.

    Well I think its going to be a lot more popular among professionals than among regular consumers in the short term future. I still don't see regular families buying these.

  • If it aint broke, don't fix it

    , cbae wrote


    TBH, I hate maximized windows even in desktop mode. I don't mind having the size maximized, but the window frame is also removed to prevent resizing. When I want a window maximized, I just want it to be as large as possible. I don't want to be prevented from resizing it.

    Well, as a desktop user, I'm happy for "tablet mode", because I love the ability of the snap feature to change the center point of two tiled windows, rather than having to resize both of them for a new center. Although it would be nice if it were a little more flexible than that.

    I also like the fact that maximize gets rid of the rubber band around the window so it doesn't take up space uselessly. Removing that is what disables resizing.

  • more on HoloLens API: ​Windows.​Mirage.​Hologram​Framework

    , MasterPi wrote


    This. Skeuomorphism wasn't always bad. The 3D aspects of traditional buttons created the affordance of pressing by simulating real world buttons. Everyone now knows that you can click items on screen, so it looking more like a physical button doesn't add anything.

    Original buttons --- ie in MacOS -- weren't skeuomorphic though, they were flat.

    Interface elements need cues, and sometimes these cues are shared with real life elements, but it doesn't necessarily make it skeuomorphism. Having a bounding box around an item to suggest it performs a function without reference to real life.

  • Hololens ideas.

    Engineering, design, and 3D modeling.

  • more on HoloLens API: ​Windows.​Mirage.​Hologram​Framework

    , spivonious wrote

    @Bas: I thought the tool chest was neat. Skeuomorphic design doesn't make sense on a flat screen, but it definitely makes sense in a 3D space. If I'm building something, I have a toolbox full of tools. Why shouldn't I have a toolbox when I'm building something virtually?

    Sense or not, it still feels unnecessary and a bit tacky. There's no reason the interface really has to physically resemble a chest.. you're not actually storing things.