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brian.shapiro brian.​shapiro things go on as always
  • App updates won't download

    All my app updates are stuck at 0.0 MB Download or Pending. I've used all the solutions suggested for the W8 store, and none of them work. Has anyone come across this, or does anyone have any suggestions on a fix?

  • More Edge annoyances

    Typing in Edge often lags, something I don't experience in other browsers.

  • Edge browser bug

    , Charles wrote

    @brian.shapiro: The Feedback app. Please share as much detail as possible. There's an Edge category, too.


    The bug I'm thinking of is actually with the Start menu. If you use it from two monitors with different font/sizing settings because of resolution, it messes up the Start menu, requiring you to readjust it, and even can cause it to crash.

    Good to know I can use the Feedback app.

  • Edge browser bug

    Where do we submit bugs with W10, btw -- the Feedback app, or someplace else?

  • I suggest you buy GLD

    I'm also going to add to this thread.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    ugh :/ I just opened up the W10 version of Solitaire and it has 10x the bling. I'm not sure why Microsoft things gamers like obnoxious flashy GUIs and tiles. It makes me never want to use them.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    Modern/Universal apps I think have been a pretty big advance on the development side.

    WinRT has all of the advantages of WPF in letting devs make unique UI elements, and adaptive and resolution independent UIs, but you can compile to native code, so it works much faster. Apps also now have a universal interface for toast notifications that is easy to code, so, for instance, I'm getting toast notifications from my eBay app and Mail app that are going directly to my Action Center. There's built-in support for full screen, so games and other apps that need it can more easily switch between full screen and windowed. One-click installs and uninstalls. A lot of other nice features.

    If not enough developers have taken advantage of it yet, that's just the how it currently stands. But apps can now window and work like desktop apps, and I read something (not sure) about a subscription model. So it might be more attractive for developers to get started on. I'm working on some Modern apps at the moment myself that I think are as good quality if not better than desktop apps.

    As for the Start Screen / new Start Menu, I still think people are missing the point when they say its only for touch. It was, in part, also a solution to replace desktop gadgets and the sidebar, since very few people ended up using those. Its also a great app launcher for those that don't want to dig down into a hierarchy of menus.

    There are a few changes from W8 that I don't like, even as a mouse-and-keyboard user. I don't like how I'm forced to use a narrow list to explore All Apps. Its not as good as a spread for actually looking for things. If you have a long list, scrolling with the mouse wheel is also slow; there isn't enough responsiveness to flicking. The full screen version pretty much sucks compared to W8, and they might as well have left it out. I'm using the two column setup currently, just to reduce the amount of scrolling, since, as I said, I find scrolling slow. And I've found that if you use the Start Menu on two monitors that have different font size settings, it messes it up and even crashes it.

    Some of the live tiles could be better. Some don't show any information unless there are active notifications (new mail, etc), so setting them to Wide or Large view, though useful when you have information, is an ugly use of space if you don't. The Photos app is a downgrade, and much less useful, since there's no way to arrange things except by date, and you can't even make your own albums. You also can't pin only a certain album as a live tile or select a certain album to show its images, so even ugly junk images get included. That makes it even unattractive as a live tile.

    I also wish I could just turn off the flashy graphic tiles for games, especially in the Small tile versions. So I wish I could turn Solitaire into a small tile and use its app icon instead of the flashy graphic version. Its way too noisy.

    Edge is supposed to eventually get extension support, but, so far, for day to day use, I still enjoy using it more than Chrome, which was my standard browser. It feels a lot cleaner.

    Virtual desktops need a lot of work to make it a useful feature to me, like being able to save desktops with unique taskbar icon setups and wallpapers. Then, virtual desktops could even be spread out across multiple monitors or set to split screen. Cortana right now is also not very useful for me, although I hear it'll get some more features.

    I hope they eventually replace the windows file Explorer with a Modern / Universal app. As of now, sure there's a tiny bit of inconsistency in GUI things like context menus, but only if you pay attention to that stuff. Its a bit niggling to me, since the web as a whole is much more inconsistent, but its not a problem to people. I think some people are too obsessed with the current inconsistencies.

    That said, I hope more things in the OS move to the Modern style.

  • Blue or White?

    I don't see in color categories, only in discrete hex color codes.

  • Blue or White?

    You can open it up in Photoshop yourself and use the eye-dropper tool.

    The gold is pretty clearly there no matter what. There's a pretty clearly mid-range gold color that makes up a large portion of that color field. The greyish blues look more grey than blue, and the whitish blues are visibly blue, but are only in the highlights. There are also some shadows that are visibly blue, though most are more greyish.

  • Hololens ideas.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Sorry to be so arrogant on this, but, mixed reality furniture shopping is the definitive future, there is no way around it. It is not just a nice to have. It is like GPS vs paper map. There is no turning back.

    Well I think its going to be a lot more popular among professionals than among regular consumers in the short term future. I still don't see regular families buying these.