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  • College + Computer Engineering = Carolyn Holmes

    For those of you who are interested Carolyn's gets on stage around 1hr and 7minutes in the keynote.
  • Lee Bandy on IPv6

    Sweet so I guess I could convert it to RM or an animated gif too Smiley

    My question was more of a suggestion or request to the admins of Ch  9. I would hope the people who watch Channel 9 already know they can convert the files to other formats. Obviously they offer direct downloads so making it available in iTunes format isn't out of the question.

    If I had my CHOICE of hardware. I would have a pocketPC with a 30gb harddrive instead of an ipod video 30g. (hint hint) Or even better a reasonably sized phone with a pocketpc and 10-30gb hard drive which I could store whatever I wanted wmv, mp3, ect... formats and play them all.
  • Lee Bandy on IPv6

    Is there any possibility that these Ch9 videos will have an iPod Feed or at least the videos in m4v format in the near future?
  • PDC Dev Team -- Plasma Screen Application at PDC

    Nothing in particular. I just wanted to see the how it worked. If you have the footage why not show it?

  • PDC Dev Team -- Plasma Screen Application at PDC

    Will there be a Part 2 that includes the mentioned trip to the main pc and video splitter setup?
  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip One

    I am with jonm.

    I have two Keyboard Pro's, one in use and one for backup. I would buy a new one too if you would keep the original layout. i can't stand the new insert/home key layouts.

    I don't care about the USB hub but wireless would be a key sales point as I have a wireless mouse already.

    So please bring back the Natural Keyboard Pro.