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  • Visual Studio Tools for Office: Outlook integration!

    Orbit86 wrote:
    what outlook desperately needs is a email notification icon in the taskbar to pop up when you have new emails. my subsitute is my AIM messenager which looks in the pop3 address I gave it

    The cool thing about the O-11 addin model is that... even if outlook didnt do this out of the box, you could make it do so pretty easily... The ghenghis project has a class api called AniForm (I think thats it) that looks a lot like the MS Messenger popup so, if you wanted, you could create an addin that hooks into the Outlook Events and, show a Messenger Style popup everytime you receive a new message.
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office: Outlook integration!

    I'm trying to understand the Outlook Addin comments. Assuming your talking about the standard outlook COM/Interop addin model using the PIAs and connecting through IExt., why would I need VSTO to do that?

    Is the O 12 Addin model changing?

  • Michael Howard - How hackers operate

    Just out of curiosity, what determines weather a video can be downloaded or not?

    Cool video. I havent read "Writing Secure Code" yet but, this video makes me want to go grab a copy and definately work harder to keep the "sKrypt Kddyz" away from my work.

  • Tony Goodhew - The path to Orcas, (future Visual Studio), studying the market research

    "I didnt watch the video but here's my feedback"... Something about that statement sounds a-moral to me. Wink

  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

    I really like this. My initial take on Channel 9 is that it's a very innovative step in company/partner/customer communication. Partner in that scenario would be the average developer looking to learn about what's going to be hot in the coming months ahead that would have otherwise not crossed his radar.

    I've read on blogs and other posts that Scoble (sorry if I misspelled it) is arrogant or has an inflated ego. After seeing this I want to state that I completely disagree. You all seem like nice guys.

    In this video, you all seem to be soliciting requests for content so, I will go ahead and make mine here. I am an Enterprise Java developer with some distant (and rapidly fading) experience in Linux and embedded development. I find the windows  (com, .net, win32, mfc, Longhorn (especially longhorn)) platform to be both intrigueing and exceptionally productive when I am playing around with Visual Studio. I would like to see a walkthrough of an enterprise web application designed in .NET/VS. This could be done perhaps as both a tutorial (which, as far as I can tell, would be very non-standard for c9) and, as a product showcase for new features in Whidbey.

    Also, I think it might work well if you where to expand the channel-9 concept or, a variation of the concept to other aspects of the MSDN community. My initial thought is that you could release short 'over-the-shoulder' videos of Microsoft Developers building intro/adv apps with the new technology releases. I think the timing for this is good as well. As far as I can tell, Microsoft's rate of developer tools and technology releases (such as Avalon CTP and WSE 2.0) have increased in the last 6 months or so and, I would imagine the rate of acceleration is only going to continue increasing as the "Longhorn Wave" approaches(?). A short video showing how to build a quick-and-dirty app with the the associated release would go a long way I think in reducing learning curves and, ultimately making the releases more accessible to a wider audience of developers.

    Either way, I definately think Microsoft has hit a home-run with Channel-9. This helps developers feel a sense of connectivity with individuals at Microsoft and increases familiarization with new products and features in a fun and informative way. Thank you for making these videos. 


    Brian A.