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  • Robots and BizTalk Services

    Great video Justin! Entertaining, high quality, AND informative. I dig it. Smiley

  • Feb 29: This Week on Channel 9

    ggponti wrote:
    Is there a feed for the MP3s?

    Hi ggponti - I hear you, and I've been looking into this for you ever since you raised this post on the previous episode. The Channel 9 devs (aka "EvNet") tell me that this sort of thing is planned for a future version of Channel 9 but they haven't been able to tell me when it will be added. Such is software, as we all know...

    In the meantime you might have a go with Ion Todirel's application:

    I started playing with it this week and got it mostly configured but haven't been able to track down one final configuration bug on my machine. It appears that he found a way to enable this, though, despite my ineptitude at getting it to work on my machine.

    I'm sorry I wish I could help you with a better solution - but alas I'm not a dev for Channel 9 myself, I'm just a pretty face on the show. Cool LOL

    Thanks for watching!

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 22 with Ed Kaim!

    anguslogan wrote:

    Ed mentioned me but they left a link out of the show notes.

    Angus Logan's Blog and

    Dude what are you talking about? It's there! Wink

    I just added it. Sorry for the oversight. "They" would be "Dan" who, as you saw, is having way too much fun this week.

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 15 with Scott Hanselman!

    mtz wrote:
    any comments about starting shooting in widescreen? 16:9 is a lot nicer tha 4:3 ..most video here seem to be abnormally streated to 4:3 (to me atleast)

    For better or worse the Channel 9 infrastructure was built around 4:3, so that's our target. Week 2 of our show was accidentally shot in 16:9 and stretched to fit 4:3, but Week 1 and Week 3 was shot natively in 4:3.

    Unless Channel 9 plans on changing their infrastructure to 16:9 then 4:3 will continue to be our target.

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 15 with Scott Hanselman!

    ariw wrote:
    I would like to subscribe to the show as a video podcast. Is there a feed for that?

    Unfortunately there's not currently a way to do this. I'm told by the C9 devs that this will be coming in the future, but I don't have an ETA for you. Best suggestion I have it to tell you to watch the This Week in Channel 9 shows list every week. Our goal is to post every Friday, barring any circumstances which get in the way of that.

    Thanks for watching!

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 15 with Scott Hanselman!

    staceyw wrote:
    Here is your *.sln fix. A 1-liner in PowerShell:

    SWEET! Nice work, I didn't even think about using PowerShell for this!

    BTW, nice Ross Perot quote - seems appropriate given Scott's impressions. Smiley
  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 15 with Scott Hanselman!

    Ion Todirel wrote:
    nice episode and its written "JavaScript" not "Javascript"!!! in tags... and btw I don't remember  talking about JavaScript in thi episode...

    Thanks! Dan didn't write the tags, though, they are pre-populated in Channel 9 already. JavaScript came up during FelonSpy (Dan's pick of the week).

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 8, 2008 Episode

    HilaryPike wrote:

    Wow, you guys got funnier      I like the 20 min format.

    Thank goodness the writer's strike is over! We don't have to write our own material any more. Wink


    PS: Episode 3 coming today... it's just going through the upload process right now.
  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 8, 2008 Episode

    Bas wrote:
    Awesome, banana cake and a pen!

    Good job, guys. The show is going very well, can't wait to see what it'll evolve into.

    If I have to criticize: there was some grumbling online (or maybe just the places I visited) about SP1 having RTM'ed, but not being released until March. (And yeah, I know that that's changed somewhat now.) I would've liked to have heard some sort of comment on that.

    Hi Bas - thanks for the kind words. Smiley

    My apologies, I did in fact see your question on last week's episode and at the time we filmed I didn't know the answer myself (remember, unpaid interns are a notch higher than Dan and me Smiley). But as of today there is much more information available here and here which explains the delay.

    I realize it's not ideal for people who want SP1 yesterday and I would probably feel the same way if I were in your position. But there are some incredibly smart people at the helm of that release and I trust that they have weighed all of the alternatives before settling on this approach. Believe me - nobody wants to get it out to customers more badly than they do!

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 8, 2008 Episode

    Rory wrote:
    Hope this helps...

    Hey Rory, nice to hear from you! Yes this is definitely helpful, thanks much. Smiley

    I don't remember if the lapel mics had such a setting but I'll ask Robert our all-knowing technician to look into it.

    As for the aspect ratio Robert did re-render the video in 4:3 for me but obviously there's still some distortion there so either we're missing a setting or it's just an artifact of the transformation which you can't avoid. Moving forward I think we'll just add it to a pre-recording checklist to make sure we've double-checked that setting on the camera rather than try to muck with it in post.

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 8, 2008 Episode

    esoteric wrote:
    The audio is a bit obnoxious ("walkie-talkie sound"), but otherwise I like these videos. I don't mind long videos, as long as they're not artificially drawn out.

    10-4, esoteric. I don't notice the same quality on any of my machines when I play it back but if anybody has ideas for what might be causing the walkie-talkie sound qualities please let me know. As I mentioned I do all of the editing myself so maybe there's a trick I can apply in post-production, or while filming, to improve the sound quality.

    Thanks for the feedback and the kind words; over and out!

  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 8, 2008 Episode

    Chadk wrote:
    briankel wrote:

    Did I mention that we have zero budget and that I do all of our editing? It's a learning curve!


    Really? Are you using one of the Microsoft studios, or whats the deal with the set? It looks rather big!

    It's not "Microsoft Studios" but it is a studio at Microsoft that our team set up in a building across the street from where Dan and I work. It is primarily used for filming On10 shows but that usually leaves a lot of spare studio time, so we were lucky enough to be able to book a few hours each week with Robert (our awesome camera man and technician who you see during the Benny Hill sequence). The room itself is probably 15x15 feet.