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  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    I'm surprised that so many people here (well, OK, I guess not really) find him compelling. Ballmer seems manic to me. I also don't find him to be particularly inspiring as a developer. He is a business guy right?

    Of course I got here from a Slashdot posting.

    In about 2 weeks I will be purchasing a Power Mac. My first ever Apple. I have Visual Studio on every computer I use and around 3 months ago I got my company to start using C# for an application I am the lead developer on. So I'm not anti-Microsoft.

    However, I think Microsoft is really missing the "average user" need on the desktop.

    If Apple can find a strategy that allows them to get in more homes (the Intel switch could help) then I say Microsoft is in real trouble in the home-user market.

    Backwards compatability is great, but in the home it's only useful for 3-5 years (IMHO). So, instead we get the same bloated OSes that power business computers. The home OS needs to be A LOT more nible and forward thinking. Unfortunately I'm not sure the monolith that is M$ can actually recognize this need and effectively deal with it.

    I think a new strategy is needed in the home. What about a site license for the home as well? A big factor for me was when I looked at upgrades from one version of an Apple OS for 3-5 computers (which is what I normally have at home) compared to an upgrade for those same 3-5 computers from one version of Windows to the next, the cost is like a difference of a factor of 3-4. Of course there's a lot of factors there, Apple has a more frequent release schedule, but that means I can deal with the cost yearly instead of every three years. Helps the financial impact seem smaller.

    Wow, this turned in to quite a ramble. I guess that's what happens at 7:28 A.M. when hurricane Dennis is threatening to take you out. Smiley

  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Excellent Interview. Thanks for doing this Scoble.

    (Sorry for the username - which is via BugMeNot...I was too lazy to register to make a single post)
  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced

    The gratitude displayed here makes me sick.

    My reaction is more: "Finally, you goddam M#()$ F_#@ers..."

    I've always wondered how we delude ourselves that we live in the Information Age when that information is locked up by some rich c&$*s in America. F#$& you.

    Go ahead and censor this.