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  • I hate Vista's Windows Explorer! [help required]

    I don't like the way Vista windows explorer performs.Sad
    Seems slower and muddled compared with the quicker XP version.
    A case of one step forward yet two steps back.
    An alternative that will merge with Vista and bring it back in line with the layout and performance of XP's explorer is needed.
    Accelman File Manager works with Vista and also Xplorer2......Wink

  • Vista language packs have disappeared

    Thanks for the links, but I'm wondering about something. If I recall correctly, there was an issue with SP1 and the language packs (I don't remember MUI or LIP) on Vista Ultimate. Does that also apply to Vista Enterprise? I would like to add the Japanese MUI, but is uncertain if that issue pertains to my instance.

  • Vista audio question: No input volume controls in Vista?

    just another idea, get a peice of harware that allows you to plug your line in cable into the mic jack

  • Vista audio question: No input volume controls in Vista?

    under control panel > sound, if you select the recording tab, you can select wave out mix as the default recording device and can record what you hear. this feature might only be limited to certain sound cards. my sound card is a conexant high definition audio (not sure on specific model) , that came with my computer (and my computer came with vista) 

  • Yeah!


  • Consolas font....do we like it?

    For programming, I don't like Consolas nearly as much as the "DejaVu Sans Mono" truetype font.  Lots of programmers I know swear by DejaVu.  It has a nice distinction between zero and capital o, among other things.  It's also more compact (and IMO easier to read) than Consolas.  It's a free download.

    It works great on my PC at work and my Mac at home.  I also use DejaVue Sans Mono as the font in my console command prompt window on my Mac.

  • IE7 & SVG

    ZippyV wrote:
    SVG is not used in phones, tv's, gaming consoles or browsers.

    Most mobile phones have SVG out of the box, most others can install it.
    Go check the list of phones on http://svg.org

    The Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS can run Opera (a browser that does SVG, also on mobiles and the desktop).
    As recently mentioned on http://svg.org

    Get an idea of all the places SVG is used on http://svg.startpagina.nl

  • IE7 & SVG

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    FXEF wrote:
    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:The Adobe SVG plugin is better than the SVG support in firefox...  and now I can't use it.

    It doesn't matter that the Adobe plug-in is better. The average joe IE user is not going to install a plug-in to view web graphics, they need to be rendered by the browser. Until IE supports SVG, it would be senseless to use them in webpages.


    Ummm... then what's flash?

    A CLOSED format that needs a plug-in (that is not available for all platforms) that most people have installed.

  • IE7 features

    sakisp wrote:

    BTW what is the key for refresh all tabs?

    Yeah, I can't find it anywhere, including the help documentation inside of IE7 RTM.

    What sort of monkey f***ers decided to add "Refresh All" to the righ-click context menu on the tabs, and Quick tabs, and yet, don't offer it as a keyboard shortcut?!!

    Terribly inefficient...if you're programming against several web pages for example. It almost makes one think the IE7 developers are mouse junkies.

  • IE7 and MELL


    This will not help in your case, but I had a similar problem and googled to this place.

    I have had this problem with IE6, I got the error message;

    "Unable to initialize the viewer. If you have installed the viewer to your computer, please re-run the Setup program. If you are accessing the viewer from a server, please contact your System Administrator"

    I found this link;

    Explains if SQL2005 is installed you will get this error.

    I do not have SQL2005 server installed, but I do have enterprise manager 2005. That is probably enough to stuff it up. It is caused by a conflict with msmxml6.dll.

    Solution: unregister that dll. Note this will probably break SQL so you might want to just use a different PC to access MELL.

    Edit: this might work http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917583