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bureX bureX Always a step ahead in stupidity.
  • What the hell is Microsoft doing to Skype?

    I would usually be cool with this transition, newer is better, right? But I honestly can't see anything "new" in newer versions of Skype. Chat, voice, video... still the same, just more RAM usage, more FB integration nags, and more ads. Also lack of API - which borked my PBX system.

    I can't receive calls anymore on my PBX, I would have to purchase SkypeConnect. 7-8$ for having ONE Skype SIP channel? Geeez... for that kind of money, I can buy a few virtual phone numbers in the US, Canada and Europe, usually with more than one inbound call channel.

    I'm just wondering how long will all those Skype-enabled TV hold on before a newer version kills it too.

  • What the hell is Microsoft doing to Skype?

    Trillian on Windows - stopped working today, SkypeKit is dead

    mod_skypopen on FreeSwitch - stopped working a few days ago

    Skype on Symbian - stopped working today

    Skype on webOS - stopped working today

    3rd party plugins for Skype - disabled

    Tons of users are scrambling and scratching their heads in disbelief today. I'm seeing reports of Skype enabled hardware ceasing to function.

    What the hell is Microsoft doing? The only thing that's left is this laughable "API" that's just a bunch of URI guidelines that don't do much at all. I can use 3rd party software to interact with LinkedIn, Facebook, Hangouts, etc. etc. Why is Microsoft creating a new "Internet Explorer"?

    Are there any APIs on the horizon, or is Skype going to die off in it's closed little bubble eventually?

  • Windows 8 metro mail app - outbox is stuck

    Windows Live Mail works just fine.

    The message I've tried to send went through, but the original problematic message is still stuck. It's an e-mail with a >25MB attachment that was supposed to be sent via a GMail account, until I noticed later on it's too big and violates GMail policies... but I receive no message that the e-mail couldn't be sent, and I still can't click the damn thing and delete it, nor can I move it anywhere else. The metro interface is very limiting in this situation.

  • Windows 8 metro mail app - outbox is stuck

    So, I have two e-mail messages stuck in the outbox at the time being in the Windows metro mail app. I can't delete them, I can only read them. Tried syncing, didn't help. Tried restarting the app, didn't help.

    If I try to send a new message, it just gets stuck in the outbox and I can't even delete that one!

    Anybody has issues with this, or should I just switch to another e-mail client?

  • Patents that should not be patents

    Vague software patents which are equivalent to "patenting the wheel".

    Here's Apple's "slide to unlock" patent:


    This patent, although approved, was rejected when it was used in a courtroom against HTC. Many companies are wasting money on patenting stupid and vague things in order to harass small startups. When you can't make do - sue.

  • One week on Windows 8

    So, here's what I think (RTM version)...

    The good:

    • Straightforward installation, kudos on the new license agreement! It's actually readable!
    • Fast boot, fast UI, no glitches at all. When placing a metro app on the side, it's a smooth transition, there is no flickering of the desktop and my desktop apps aren't going crazy.
    • Good compatibility. Although I had to reinstall VMWare in order to get it running, and the graphics driver crashed on me before I downloaded the official one from nVidia, and Windows Live apps were screwed up, it was mostly smooth sailing. If this were a clean installation, everything would be tip-top.
    • The new sounds - pleasant, simple, non intrusive. 
    • The new "PC settings" option. Although it's waaay waaaay underfeatured, it's a good start. If your mom & pop want to set up their PC, they won't get scared as they once used to when they opened up Control Panel.
    • "Simplicity" - wanna launch a browser? There's the icon, click the damn thing. Wanna listen to music? Sure - there's the icon (ehm... tile) for that. How about I wanna go back? Just press the windows button. It's that simple. You can put Windows 8 on your computer illiterate friends' and parents' desktops and have a piece of mind, they won't screw anything up, they won't call you to ask how to get out of "this and that". There are no bundles of icons and no toolbars to crowd the screen.
    • "Refresh PC", "Recycle PC". You can reinstall pretty much everything and fix almost any problem with this... OVER THE PHONE! "Click this" and you're done! No DVDs, no reinstalls... it just works.

    The bad:

    • Metro. OH GOD WHY!? I get it though... Microsoft wants to create a nice friendly ecosystem that you can enjoy on your tablet, as well as on your PC. If you create an app for RT, it should run on x86/x64, and I respect that. But why the hell did you have to demote the desktop to a single tile? It's that tile where I spend 98% of my day on! And even worse, it's completely cut off from the metro UI. While metro can intrude and present notifications on the desktop (which I find to be great), there is no vice versa. The desktop shuts up when it's not being used, and that's a bad thing.
    • The metro UI. OH GOD KILL ME NOW ARGHHAHAH!!! - To elaborate... I'm using a widescreen monitor in a comfortable chair. My hands are in front of me, and I'm using a keyboard/mouse combo. I'm not on a tablet. Read my lips Microsoft - I DO NOT WANT HUGE INTERFACES on a huge widescreen monitor! Why the hell do I have to have every single app show up in full screen? Even if it's just a crappy mail client, I want to see what's going on in the background. I don't want a 10ft user interface on my desktop.
    • The metro UI/desktop inconsistencies. Right click in a metro app - a huge menu pops up... wanna click quickly on an item in it? NOPE! You have to drag your mouse over to the huge label that just popped up and click the damn thing, as if I'm using a finger. Here's a hint, Microsoft: if I'm using a mouse, I don't need that big of a menu. Remember Windows 7 and it's touch interface? When things on the taskbar got "touched", a large finger-friendly menu popped up... when it was the mouse doing that, the menu was shorter and smaller - mouse friendly, if you will. Alright... now how about you right click the recently used apps on the left sidebar? A plain windows UI menu pops up! Click on the date/time in the system tray... an old fashioned Windows Vista/7 like box pops up... click on the language bar - and here you have a HUGE language menu selection bar! Click on the sound icon next to it, and here's classic windows next to it. Click the network icon next to it, and here's a metro sidebar popping up! Click the action center icon on the left, and it's back to plain old Windows UI again. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! And what's up with that right click? Sometimes you get plain popup menu, sometimes you get a popup bottom-bar with some options, sometimes it pops up on top, and there's very little to do here! Say I want to delete an e-mail in the mail app... you right click it and... wait, what? Where's the delete button? Oh, it's UP THERE, in the top-right corner! Ok... Now, I want to drag the mail into a separate folder... I can't? Wait, what? I want to create a new folder... I can't? OH COME ON!
    • You'll be using the desktop. A lot. If you're sitting in front of a PC, you're most likely a multitasker. A few computer illiterate folks will appreciate the simplicity of the Metro Start menu, as I have stated above, but after a while, you'll find it very difficult to read e-mail and then quickly switch to another song in a music app while in Metro. On a tablet, this would be normal, but this is the desktop - we won't go back to the stone age. I want to get s**t done.
    • Network settings. Why oh why can't I do anything in PC settings with the network without switching to the old interface in the control panel!? Are you mad?
    • The control panel. It's still there, and you'll have to use it if you want to set stuff up.
    • The start menu. Although it's fast, I see no reason for it to take the whole screen, and for it to be so drastically lacking in customization. I can't even drag a shortcut to it.
    • Everything else. It's plain ol' Windows 7. There. Windows 8 is an updated, polished Windows 7 with the Metro UI pretending it's boss, when in fact it's just NOT. The metro UI on the PC should have been broken down and separated into layers for non full-screen, mouse-friendly use, but not this. Instead of trying to fuse the desktop with tablets, Microsoft just threw up it's tablet UI on the desktop and created a desktop "tile". BAD.

    Imagine if Google released an x86 android "desktop" where you could basically use the android touch screen apps (even those have buttons), and marketed it as a Windows competitor? Well, we'd laugh it off and tell the big G to go screw himself. No multitasking, no shuffling with activities, big lacks in customization... But what different is that from this? An oversized mobile platform on a 22" screen with an app store acting as the commander in chief of my PC? Please, no. Go away.

    Back to the desktop, the best "app" on this system. I won't be using many metro apps on my PC, that's for sure.

  • The Windows era is over

    I think I may have found the perfect explanation for Windows' demise:


    Microsoft needs to promote international piracy or lower the Earth's temperature - it's that simple.

  • Zune SDK

    IDWMaster said:
    nightski said:

    You could sync over your local area network, and write an app to interface with the Zune's networking APIs. I've been working on a program that connects to my WLAN and streams music from my computer (currently, it can only stream one file, because I haven't figured out how the XML parsing APIs work yet).


    The ZuneHD stores music in the /Flash2/Content folder

    The /Flash2/Content/Artist folder stores Album Art

    The names are maintained in an internal database that is inaccessible by developers. 

    Holy necrobump, Batman!

  • IE: Below 60%

    I have nothing against IE, but PLEASE kill IE6 once and for all!

  • Steve Jobs on Flash

    "New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too). Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind."

    If Apple and Adobe were in good relations and this lead to Flash being ported and fully supported on the iPhone, Steve would have gone on about the brilliancy and the unprecedented potential of flash apps on the "worlds most advanced smartphone platform"... In short - I hate PR stunts, Steve is just talking out of his * again and has no real opinion of his own.