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  • New Vista GUI Stuff For Devs

    DCMonkey wrote:
    The DWM makes window dragging look great, and the Glass and Flip3D are neat looking, but I'm really dissapointed with the quality of window redrawing while resizing a window, especially for windows with client area glass like Windows Media Player. Resizing WMP on my system leaves behind an ugly black ghost of the glass area at the bottom of the window trailing behind as it attempts to keep up with the window redraw. Frankly it looks much better with the old non-composited redraw behavior..
    Is this going to get fixed anytime soon or in the next version of Windows?

    The redraw flicker and artifacting was the first thing I noticed when I installed Vista RC1.  I am surprised this issue was not dealt with.   I guess it sort of makes sense because IE is a win32 control, not a native WPF.  It really makes me not want to use an IE control in my WPF apps.   The IE team better get a WPF version out there because the next version of Firefox has HW accelerated vector render engine.
  • Scott Hanselman & Jeffrey Snover Discuss Windows PowerShell

    Check out this sweet PowerShell GUI.  Really great for learning PowerShell