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  • Soma on the Key Themes for Visual Studio 2010

    Thank you for that.  My lack of experience with VS.

    One thing though, have you seen what Netbeans displays?  If you have the cursor in a method name (a reference), and press Ctrl-Space, you get a window displaying all the information from the Javadoc comment for that method.  Parameters, See Also, Returns, with all the text you have included for each, within the comment.

    Furthermore, have you seen the Navigator window.  As you move the mouse over each of the class members, if any have Javadoc comments, you get this same window appearing.  Making it a lot easier to understand the code.  This window is for the file you are currently working on.

    The reason I am bringing this to your notice, is in the hope that Microsoft might add this functionality to VS.

    I love to program.  It is now, after over 20 years in the industry, just my hobby.  I love Java, as it is such a great language to write in.  However, for my current project, I needed native compiled code, and so chose to learn C# as it is very 'Java' like.  Almost like a marriage between 'C/C++' and 'Java'.

    Again, thank you.
  • Soma on the Key Themes for Visual Studio 2010

    Very interesting.
    However, where do I go to, to make feature suggestions?

    One thing about VS2008 that is a bug-bear, is not having dynamic code comments.

    To see what I mean, have a look at Netbeans IDE 6.X, and how it handles Javadoc comments.  As soon as you add a Javadoc comment, for say, a method, when ever you move the mouse over a reference to it, or in the members list on the left, the new comment pops up.

    Being able to do this without having to externally compile a help file, which I have not been able to do for VS yet, is a big help.  Especially with larger projects.

    I have done a lot of work in Java using Netbeans.  I am new to both C# and VS2008.  However, I am developing my current project in C# with VS2008, and I miss some of the very useful features of Netbeans.