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cain cain
  • Will Vista Beta 1 work on VMWare or Virtual PC?

    aToast wrote:
    I have finally gotten Vista to install in Vmware 5 by following these instructions from the Vmware forums:

    Thanks aToast, that was exactly what I needed to get it all working on my VM.

  • Bugs, bugs, bugs

    I was just installing the new beta of Visual C# Express, and noticed that the installer seems to have ui problems on high dpi displays.  So I went to the product feedback centre to report the bug, but couldn't submit the bug in Firefox or IE (after step 1 I'm taken back to the main page, so I can't get to the actual reporting).  So then I thought, ok, need to report a bug about not being able to report bugs, so I clicked the contact us link, and it took me to contact information for Microsoft UK, even though my account details and all regional information on that computer say that I'm in Australia, not the UK.

    Has anybody else here had any of these problems?  Is there something I'm missing about how to use the product feedback centre (this was the first thing I'd tried to report)?  Would someone else be able to report the high dpi display problem for me?