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  • Countdown to PDC2008: Secrets Revealed

    After the PDC, will we get all the session video's and powerpoints on disc?
    and will we get te same type of network access as per PDC05.
  • VC++: Safe Libraries with Martyn Lovell

    In the presentation you mentioned the fact the complier switch in VS2005 you could convert unsafe method calls to the newer safe ones and you also give an example of using current complier settings and setting the size of dest by calling size of 'dest'.
    I have heard a number of views about the "_s" extentions to the API (not ANSI C+++ complaint etc) and the complaints about the warnings the complier gives you about depricated CRT API calls (the method calls are not depriated accrdnig to the standards). So why could you have not under the covers converted the users code to the newer methods without a complier switch or converted the complier to check method calls to check the size of the destination buffer being used and then provide a user high level warning?
  • Vista Audio Stack and API

    "LarryOsterman wrote
    cairn wrote:

    Can we get more information on creating and adding system effects to the Audio streams.

    If you're an IHV, sure.  Contact your Microsoft TAM.

    But surely you don't need to be a hardware vendor to write stream effects within the Audio engine ( the vertical boxes on top of the audio engine.), or have I missed the point that this is contained on hardware. During ther video it was disscussed that the streams can have effects added to them at this point in the audio process, or did it mean in a derived class of IRenderClient

  • Vista Audio Stack and API

    Which beta can we get full access to the new Audio stack (Build 2 I guess, but when)?

    Where can we get more information on how to use and program the new API stack ( Ref material , books, white papers, articles etc)?

    Can we get more information on creating and adding system effects to the Audio streams.

    Examples on sending data direct to the DMA memory buffer with the UAA in mapped to exclusive mode.

    When applications are in exclusive mode, do they pass 16 bit PCM to 32 float data into the DMA buffers?