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  • An Introduction to Quantum Computing

    @vidngn:Hi. Quantum Machine Learning is a very important part of the way in which quantum information scientists are looking at using the first processors as they become available. There is a lot of good, solid, scientifically grounded information available in different sources on this, and a lot of people ask the same question that you have asked. I am excited by the potential for quantum machine learning to derive more accuracy and more relevance in many many areas that are currently far from "exact", especially with respect to seeing "information" from large and complex data sets. In this respect quantum computers may well seem as if they possess intuition, but I would be cautious in expecting too much more at this stage. I would close however by saying that it is still very early days, and the one thing that is clear is that smart people will find ways to make quantum computing exciting to use and will mark a break with our expectation from certain types of computation. Remember a quantum computer is likely to be better than the fastest super computers only in certain ways, not for every problem, and there are certain problems that are likely difficult.

  • An Introduction to Quantum Computing

    @Jim: Jim hi, thank you for that I really enjoyed the video. It was a lot of fun.