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  • Kam Vedbrat - Looking at Windows Vista's user interface (AERO)

    Was I the only person disapointed with that video?

    I am really not that impressed with the current Vista UI in 5219 its ok but not amazing. I was really hopping for something more. This has nothing on MacOS X. I cant believe this is all they have, I agree that the foundations they have put in are amazing but to then not use the to best effect is just crazy.

    The taskbar is so dated. Surely they could of found a better was of updaing this. I requested that they should allow the moving of task bar tiles to re-arange them, but they said they would not implment this, why not? Such a simple feature.

    I think Microsoft need to hire some proper UI developers.
    The current UI is a complete mess, I also kept telling myself that they were holding the UI back and that the glass was just a prototype and that beta 2 would show the new full blow UI, but now it looks like what we have seen is what we're going to get.

    I really wish Microsoft would not show off amazing prototype UI mockups that look increadable and then not deliver. Some of the early teaser movies/shots at PDC 2003 showed the UI looking fantastic.


    Also to keep on moaning, that Alt-Tab feature (Flip) looks nice but is slower to use then the old Windows Alt-Tab.

    The Flip 3D feature looks crap, they are some visual glitches when using it. Also requires alot more clicks to select a window. How is this useful. Expose on Tiger is far better.

    What on earth has happened the start menu, its huge!
    It's got so many icons now, it crazy. Simple is better.

    One last thing, you should be able to manage windows by 3d, I want to be able to shift windows out of the way so that they scale to thumbnais size and maybe tilt like in Flip 3d, the kind of things that Project Looking Glass does.

    OK, thats all my complaints.
    I really have to appluad Microsoft they have done a great job on the Composition Engine and Avalon etc. but the shell does not impress me.

    I am praying that there is more to come.