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  • CSS3 List and Table Properties - 15

    One of your examples shows a CSS style border-collapse:seperate;

    There is a typo in here. It should be spelled border-collapse:separate;

    The net result is the same since border-collapse:separate is the default and the misspelled value seperate will fall back to the default value separate.

  • Creating Forms - 10

    Hi Bob,

    you're telling us that one of the benefits of using action="POST" instead of action="GET" is that the form values are encrypted inconjunction with https. I guess this is not true as form values should also be encrypted with a GET request.

    https does not only encrypt the HTTP body, but the complete HTTP data stream as it sits inbetween TCP and HTTP. So this includes not only the HTTP body but also the HTTP header (very first line of the HTTP protocol) which contains the URL (with all the form parameters in case of a GET request) as well as all HTTP header fields.

    At least this is my understanding of the matter.

    Besides that: Thanks a lot for this great and delightful series. You're videos are fun to watch, very informative and well worth the time watching.

    Cheers, Chris