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  • Smartphones form factors

    , giovanni wrote

    I think it is time for new or different smartphone designs (a couple of examples: http://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-sm-g9198-flip-634219/ and http://www.theverge.com/2015/8/13/9147239/samsung-keyboard-case-note-5-s6-edge-plus).

    In particular I think it would be cool to see removable keyboard, secondary screens, integrated covers with keyboards, external batteries, speakers, cameras, docking stations, etc.

    The MS Surface is a good example of what can be done with a laptop/tablet (even if I think we only scratched the surface with what can be done - pun not intended), the same should apply to smartphones.

     Your 2nd link is broken. Here it is fixed.

  • Samsung Gear S2

    , elmer wrote

    This should be good for a laugh.

    I guess Samsung enjoys a regular brawl with Apple.

    Why? Because they used round icons on a device that's *shocker* round?

  • More Edge annoyances

    • Clicking on a download link immediately downloads instead of giving you a prompt like in IE
    • There is no option to right-click and "Save target as..."
    • Ctrl+N opens up a new browser window with a blank URL instead defaulting to the current URL like in IE

    It almost seems like Microsoft was trying to make an exact copy of Chrome.

  • Skylake (desktop) launched

    This just means that 5th generation Intel processors might be cheap enough for me to consider when building a new machine. (6)

  • Channel 9 guy taking a walk

    Nice work on the shadow rendering!

  • Edge browser bug

    , vesuvius wrote


    It brings the notion of consumerism to software in ways that did not exist before. 

    Well, that goes hand-in-hand with the consumerism (and elitism) that Apple brought to hardware.

  • Edge browser bug

    , Charles wrote

    @brian.shapiro: The Feedback app also has a Reproduce button you can click on to have a bunch of tracing done while you reproduce the problem. You can attach pictures and files, too.

    When it comes to the Feedback app, just remember: There's a category for that.


    I checked the app, and this bug has already been reported. Unfortunately, it's been reported 10 separate times, so the upvotes are getting spread out.

  • Edge browser bug

    Can you try reproducing this?

    1. Download a small file. (Skip this step if you have some downloads already in your history.)
    2. Start downloading a large file
    3. View downloads
    4. While the large file is downloading, click "Clear all" on download history list
    5. Note if the active download is listed

    Although the download still continues even though it's not listed in the download list, you can really screw yourself if you happen to pause the download from the little dialog that shows at the bottom of the browser window. If you pause it, the little dialog goes away. Since it's not listed in the "View downloads" slide-out pane, there's no way to restart the download.

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    On one of my machines, the files have downloaded, but I still haven't gotten the notification that it's ready to install. If I upgrade manually from a USB flash drive, can I just delete the hidden folder after the manual upgrade?

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    Still only one machine has gotten a notification. Unfortunately, this is the one I'm not prepared to upgrade due to hardware changes that I want to make prior to upgrading.

    Another machine has finally gotten the files downloaded into the hidden folder, but it hasn't gotten a notification to upgrade. My other machines simply haven't downloaded the files yet.