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  • Windows Phone 10 is coming.

    , Proton2 wrote

    I think I would rather have wireless recharging.

    Wireless charging isn't tied to the OS. The Lumia 920 has wireless charging, and it originally ran WP8.0.

  • Copyright infringement in Windows Store

    I ran across Assassin's Creed in the Windows Store, and the listed developer wasn't Ubisoft. I checked the other titles submitted by this developer, and there are a whole bunch of games from various other big name game studios. This is a clear case of copyright infringement, so I reported this violation to the store.

    I get email asking me to fill out a form asking for my name, address, contact info, and proof of copyright infringement, as if I'm the copyright holder. LOL


  • Cortana sounds better than E3 speakers.

    , blowdart wrote

    I saw people on twitter complaining about the accents of the e3 speakers. Which was pathetic.

    The accents were pathetic or the Twitter complaining? ;)

  • Did someone here order a binary byecode for the web?

    It seems nearly every new web technology released in recent memory is to hide the warts that riddle HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The browser is like the perfect storm of butt-ugly technologies that nobody wants to use as-is.

  • Did someone here order a binary byecode for the web?

    It's basically something that should have happened years ago, if not for the curious need to protect rice bowls in an area of technology that nobody has ever thought about turning into a profit center.

  • Visual Studio Online reannounces free unlimited private Git repositories

    , Bas wrote

    Wait, I've been using VSO since it was available and I've always pushed my stuff to private git repositories on it, without paying a dime.

    Me too, but I was unaware of the "unlimited" part.

  • Dumb phones

    Color me unsurprised.



  • WP IE execute spams.

    , magicalclick wrote

    I meant what use cases is to allow JavaScript to launch Store Search.

    Are you complaining about being redirected at all or being redirected to a store? Hell, I'd be happy if being redirected to some app store was all that ever happened if I visit some questionable site. I've seen everything from APKs automatically being downloaded from Android devices to being caught in an infinite JavaScript alert() loop that forces you to end task just to close the window when browsing from a Windows desktop.


  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    , Bass wrote

    If you are wondering why King is so adment of promoting this free game (even spamming commericials on TV, etc.), King designed Candy Crush Saga with significant help from psychologists to short circuit people's inherent reward response. Basically, Candy Crush is a PHYOPS tool designed for the explict purpose of fleeing people vulnernable to a certain kind of suggestion. Some freeminum games have resulted in people spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars (and in some cases, tens of thousands) on these so called "microtransactions".

    If someone assaults you on the street that's clearly a crime. I contend that human mind can also be assaulted, and the business model of freminum relies on this. But modern culture is based on the false theorem that the mind is a temple that acts unimpeded relative to its inputs.

    The worst of the lot is Game of War, which uses peer pressure as part of its psychological war against its players.

  • WP IE execute spams.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Head over to Gamespot forum and visits some posts using WP8.1 latest Lumia Firmware (one with HDR camera software).

    If you try long enough, you will get redirected to WP Store Search Function with some search term already filled in.

    Hmmmm.... Spam on my phone.

    Uh, it's called JavaScript running in your browser. This happens in both the AOSP and Chrome browsers on Android too. Except on Android, you don't get redirected to Google Play. The browser tries to get you to download APK files.