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  • Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

    , cheong wrote

    @TexasToast:The HRs' job is more than hiring. They also need to handle staff benefits (medical and other insurance, learning and other allowances), staff payrolls (in big companies, their account department will request HR to calculate the data for them), exit interviews, etc.

    In a company that I worked before, your department head can just norminate you for promotion but the final decision is from the HR manager (We had a System Administrator II got denied to promote to Assistant Manager grade because the HR manager said he has not been working in the company long enough).

    Load up on WDAY. Imagine LinkedIn having verifiable employment history provided by Workday.

  • a thread with no name ??

    This appears to be the actual thread title:

    <asp:EntityDataSource not working in VS2015 Visual Web Part 

    However, it's output in the thread list as:

    <asp:entitydatasource a="" web&#160;part<="" visual="" vs2015="" in="" working="" not=""></asp:entitydatasource>

    So it's not that the forum is stripping anything out. It seems like it actually added a closing bracket and the ending tag where there were none originally (as well as munging the text into the element), and that's what prevented the thread title from rendering.

  • a thread with no name ??

    In case anybody's curious enough to read the thread, here it is.

  • AD DR Drill

    , cheong wrote


    I'd prefer setting it via DHCP options so need not go to each PC and set it one by one, but whatever.

    Then do it that way and be limited to what your router allows you to specify, but the point is that you achieve failover by specifying more than one DNS server.

  • AD DR Drill

    , pramod26 wrote

    IF MUM SITE GOES DOWN ALONG WITH DC AND DNS how will client connect to DR SIte and authenticate.?

    If you click the "Advanced..." button from the TCP/IPv4 Properties and go to the DNS tab, you can specify as many DNS servers as you want.


  • HP X3 Elite announced!

    , elmer wrote

    I'm still not sure I'm willing to accept the current Continuum model as being something I'd want to use.

    As I understand it, while Continuum allows you to go "desktop-like" with a Monitor-Keyboard-Video, it doesn't change the basic nature of WM on the ARM device, and it remains single maximized app in the foreground type of experience...

    I'm not sure how that's a limitation of ARM rather than simply being a limitation of Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Xamarin now Open Source and included with VS

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    A big win for Microsoft on this move. With Windows Mobile/Phone/whatever pretty much dead in suspended animation they had to provide a way to keep their tech relevant for mobile developers. 


  • This is what happens when you take April Fool's too seriously

    How many manperson-hours were spent on implementing this April Fool's joke to begin with only to have a "bug" bite them in the *?

  • What happened to the Future of C# session?

    I know Return of the Jedi was inferior to both A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, but it didn't have to be removed from existence.

  • Announcing SQL Server on Linux

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @figuerres:  Azure AD will be the domain controller.

    IiS on linux. Sure why not or ofcouse i should say

    Azure AD only does identity management ATM--not the full breadth of services that Active Directory Domain Services provides.

    That's not to say ADDS-aaS couldn't be possible through Azure AD. It very well may be the direction that Microsoft is heading. Best practices dictate that you shouldn't install a bunch of server roles to your domain controller, so it's always seemed like a waste to dedicate a separate VM just to run ADDS and DNS just to adhere to best practice scenarios.