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  • HP X3 Elite announced!

    , elmer wrote

    I'm still not sure I'm willing to accept the current Continuum model as being something I'd want to use.

    As I understand it, while Continuum allows you to go "desktop-like" with a Monitor-Keyboard-Video, it doesn't change the basic nature of WM on the ARM device, and it remains single maximized app in the foreground type of experience...

    I'm not sure how that's a limitation of ARM rather than simply being a limitation of Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Xamarin now Open Source and included with VS

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    A big win for Microsoft on this move. With Windows Mobile/Phone/whatever pretty much dead in suspended animation they had to provide a way to keep their tech relevant for mobile developers. 


  • This is what happens when you take April Fool's too seriously

    How many manperson-hours were spent on implementing this April Fool's joke to begin with only to have a "bug" bite them in the *?

  • What happened to the Future of C# session?

    I know Return of the Jedi was inferior to both A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, but it didn't have to be removed from existence.

  • Announcing SQL Server on Linux

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @figuerres:  Azure AD will be the domain controller.

    IiS on linux. Sure why not or ofcouse i should say

    Azure AD only does identity management ATM--not the full breadth of services that Active Directory Domain Services provides.

    That's not to say ADDS-aaS couldn't be possible through Azure AD. It very well may be the direction that Microsoft is heading. Best practices dictate that you shouldn't install a bunch of server roles to your domain controller, so it's always seemed like a waste to dedicate a separate VM just to run ADDS and DNS just to adhere to best practice scenarios.

  • I messed up Windows 10 ​licensing/k​ey/activati​on - need help

    , fanbaby wrote

    I installed windows 10 home on a Windows 7 home  laptop thinking it should recognize the hardware and install itself fine. Wrong. It wants a key. I have none as the sticker is worn out. I only have the model number and s/n of the laptop and cannot get any reasonable help from Acer or Microsoft. HELP!

    EDIT: It's an Acer Aspire 1810tz, model number: 412g25n.


    The particular 412G25n model that we tested comes equipped with an energy-efficient dual-core Intel Pentium SU4100 1.3GHz processor, with an 800 MHz front-side bus. The stylish red machine also comes with an Intel GMA 4500M HD graphics card (which uses up to 732 MB of the system's 2GB of RAM), along with an LED-backlit screen and a six-cell battery which aims to deliver long battery life.

    Is that machine worth spending any time upgrading? This cheapo machine at Wal-Mart running a Atom processor probably out-performs that machine you have, and it can even do a "Yoga".

  • bing vs google search, google wins

    , wkempf wrote

    @fanbaby: The actual search results are nearly identical. Yes, it's nice that Google provides you the answer outside of the search results, and for some queries that means Google wins. When I first switched to Bing it was for a similar reason. The searches were nearly identical, but for shopping queries that's all you got from Google, while Bing gave you lots of direct information, like price comparisons. For the extras, I'm really not sure who's winning right now, but for the actual search results, I declared a tie years ago, and I've not seen any examples that disprove my conclusion.

    I started using Bing for Bing Rewards. I have enough points for about $50 worth of Amazon gift cards, and that's after I redeemed around $25 worth already. Plus, the site is so much nicer to look at than google.com.

  • bing vs google search, google wins

    , fanbaby wrote

    Try this query i've just made up: "who invented typescript".


    Google is a few years ahead.

    BFD. Bing has cards too.

    Search Bing on: who invented the light bulb

    Besides, Google's answer is wrong. TypeScript wasn't "invented" by Anders Hejlsberg. If anything, Steve Lucco, who put together the TypeScript development team, should be given greater credit for its creation.

    The funny thing is that if you search google.com on: who created TypeScript, you won't get a card--just a search list. This feature isn't all that useful if it depends so much on the exact words used in the search.


  • bing vs google search, google wins

    , figuerres wrote

    yesterday I was searching for an site that I know of by the following "Open Broadcaster Software" bi ng failed with an error page saying it could not find any matches.  today they seem to have found it.

    The error message, if was indeed an error message, should have been a clue that it was due to a transient condition and not an instance of Bing coming up with nothing. Did you even try click the search button again?

    sorry but I do not keep a log of my searches but I have had more then a few cases just  like that, where simple key words that work in google fail in bing.

    I find that difficult to believe, as Bing will usually come up with results even when you type random key strokes.

  • MS buying Xamarin

    , fanbaby wrote


    Joking aside, every second spent on HTML/CSS/JavaScript since, say, 2000, was well spent.

    Uh, no.