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  • .Net versioning question

    , BitFlipper wrote

    @cbae: I don't think this could work because what about the types? While they are identical in each case, due to .Net being strictly typed, Api10.ClassA is not the same as Api20.ClassA.

    That's why you have wrapper classes. Each wrapper class knows which specific API method to call. You use the wrapper classes to give you a common interface method to call in order to generalize the routine that does the Dictionary lookups.

    That is if you don't want to simply change each of the Api classes to implement a common interface to begin with.

  • Anyone get accepted for WP8 SDK yet?

    , Ian2 wrote

    I think some WP7 devs (who didn't get the SDK) might be looking elsewhere at the moment.  Hopefully for MS that is Windows 8 but I'm sure they will also be losing a few to 'Collateral Damage'.

    Do you think they would jump to different platform instead of waiting just a few weeks?

  • .Net versioning question

    @BitFlipper: Can you create wrapper classes (deriving from the same interface) that calls specific versions of the API? Then put each instance of these wrapper classes into a Dictionary keyed by the version number. Your calling routine can be generalized to simply look up the instance by version number in the Dictionary and then call the appropriate method exposed by the interface on that particular instance.

    The routine that populates the Dictionary can read the types from configuration and instantiate them dynamically.

  • Anyone get accepted for WP8 SDK yet?

    Maybe Microsoft hasn't fully implemented the certification process for WP8 apps yet. I'm sure there's a lot of automation to this process, and it stands to reason that it would take some time to implement.

    They probably don't want to have a flood of WP8 apps coming in that can't be certified and to have tens of thousands of developers getting angry. I think they'd just as soon have devs continuing to submit WP7.5 apps for as long as possible.

  • .Net versioning question

    Are you using static methods? If so, you're making it very tough to add an abstraction layer to account for different versions using dependency injection.

  • Windows 8 metro mail app - outbox is stuck

    In desktop Outlook, when messages get stuck in the outbox, you can usually edit the message and then save as draft to get it out of the outbox. Are you not able to edit the message again in the Mail app?

  • MapSnap GPS, a great "why didn't I think of that" WP app

    Cool concept, but it requires that the maps be drawn to scale, which isn't always the case.

  • I'm a dad!

    Congratulations! You have successfully added a link to an uninterrupted chain of genetic and evolutionary winners that extends for several hundred million years. It is an accomplishment that is awe-inspiring and something to be proud of (although your wife really did most of the work. Wink).

  • 75,000 Windows Phone App Downloads - Achievement Awarded!

    @Ian2: "Widows Phone"? Is that what your wife inherits from you after you work yourself to death trying to release that app? Wink

  • iPhone 5

    , Maddus Mattus wrote

    @giovanni: If the choice is between a cable and a whoopee cushion,...

    I'd rather bring the cable Wink

    Then it's a good thing that some phones (i.e. ones not sold by Apple) don't force you to make the same choice for all use cases.