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  • Part 4: Introduction to XAML - Continued

    Excellent series Bob, excellent! I am learning XAML/C# to create a public Kiosk UI. I will also be using the new Kiosk mode built into Win8.1. From my understanding of the kiosk mode documentation, applications that run in kiosk mode must be lauched from winthin sandboxed Win8.1 store/metro/modern application. The existing applications will launch when a tile is selected from the Kisok software and they are web apps/forms. Since IE 11 is a desktop/Windows application, will I be able to run web applications from within a Kiosk mode Win8.1 interface? The Kiosk will have several tiles used to access forms which have been in use for several months now at the company I am currently employed (utilities). My question is, will the web applications/forms be renderable from within the context of the Win8.1 store application with IE 11. I basically want each tile in the kiosk UI to be a "hyperlink" to my web apps/forms. The web apps/forms were developed using HTML5/CSS3/JQuery. We plan to have the Kiosk in production by 12/14. Your response will be most apprecicated. Happy New Year!