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cedricmi cedricmi

Niner since 2012

  • TWC9: Visual Studio "14" CTP Episode

    // Begin rant

    Greta news for PC Players but yet again another missed opportunity for Microsoft to show it is serious about Windows RT, with ARM drivers for the Xbox controller.

    First it was Office updates that weren't ported to RT.

    Then functionalities in OneNote that weren't ported such as office lenses or the recording goodies.

    And now Xbox One pad driver.

    It would be much clearer if Microsoft declared Windows RT dead, and unbricked it so that people could install their own ported desktop applications/drivers.

    // End rant

    Looking forward to testing VS 14 CTP!

  • Windows and the Internet of Things

    When Can we know more about .net microframework future & update?

    Right now it looks like a dead forsaken project.

  • Hybrid Cloud Episode One - Preview

    Transcription en Français: Hybrid Cloud Series – Episode 1

  • Happy Anniversary Channel 9, From Satya

    Happy Birthday Channel 9!

    So many great and diverse videos and series here, from Scottgu to Russinovich, from Sutter to Ping and many many more.

  • Getting started with Cinder for Windows Store Apps

    This doesn't work anymore.
    There is no dx branch.
    Running winrtBasic example crashes (in IsProcessorFeaturePresent)

    There seems to be changes needed for VS2013.

    Could you please update this tutorial for the latest version of Cinder / VS 2013?


  • C++ and the Windows Runtime

    Beginning to look at c++ for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 Development and the picture seems quite bleak.

    - Trying to work with c++ for these two platforms one creates horrible horrible c++ code such as:

    SetValue(_defaultViewModelProperty, refnewMap<String^,Object^>(std::less<String^>()));

    This code is of course not portable and people used to c++ won't even understand it & go & try using such code for android or osx ios apps.

    So far, i couldn't find a single good example from Microsoft (or anyone else) with a big portion of standard c++ code, and only a small portion of horrible Platform dépendent code. Please please show me I'm wrong, list links and even better make c9 videos.

    - Getting accustomed to the Microsoft Virtual Academy, everything is done with xaml/c#. Example "Build Apps for Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Jump Start" or "Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start".

    - It seems to me nothing has changed and c#/xaml is de facto the only model supported by Microsoft.

    - c++ seems limited to scenarios where you want to do almost everything by yourself (e.g. hardcore directx c++ non portable programming). So c++ doesn't work well with higher level winRT libraries, or to make it work one has to write tons of horrible c++ code lines making it absolutely not Worth the effort and strongly suggesting using c# instead.

    - Microsoft seems committed to c++, but only as a Tool to write its own OSes and applications, and not committed to c++ for developpers that want to use the language for what it's good, notably portability and reuse.

    - Please prove me wrong and make a series detailing a non trivial app running on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Android & ios with most it developped in real standard c++, plus a part that is Platform specific.

  • C++ Seasoning


    Can we please get the slides /pdf pls the presentation has to be read and read again.

    No question if Sean writes a book I'll purchase it asap!

    Which book(s) do you recommend to learn the standard Library algorithms and their many uses?


  • Bjarne Stroustrup - The Essence of C++: With Examples in C++84, C++98, C++11, and C++14

    Great talk.

    I would like to know more about cost of virtual functions vs generics, what are the estimates in typical scenarii, when is it really prohibitive, are there simple rules of thumbs that one can use.

    Also why isn't there any talk from Alexander A. Stepanov in Going native? Scheduling conflict? Not interested? I am wrong in thinking he is still actively involved in c++?


  • Defrag: All about RAM Disks, Locking Apps, File Copy Tricks

    Yes you can install an OS from iso.
    Hyper-V and the arguably better VirtualBox support the mounting of an iso directly in the virtual dvd-rom. Don't forget to unmount it once the os is installed otherwise it may always reboot from dvd.

    I'm using FreeBSD 9.1 and opensuse 12 without problems.

    Originally I was using WiVndows's 8 Hyper-V but the lack of support for sound and usb was a big turnoff so I switched to VirtualBox.


    That's where I discovered that it is either Hyper-V or VirtualBox you can't have both at the same time. In fact it is not enough to stop Hyper-V's services, one has to uninstall it (turn Windows feature on or off) from the machine (and reboot 1 or 2 times in the process). Don't worry you can reinstall it if you want.


  • Defrag: Storage Space Spindown, Haswell Laptops, All About Hyper-V

    Hardwarewise an example of incompatibility with Hyper-V would be some tape drives whose drivers are only semi-compatible with W8 and backup softwares that do not accept virtualized tape drivers.

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