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  • Cakewalk SONAR: Win32 lighting up on Windows 10

    Great to hear about Audio at build !

    Microsoft still has ways to go to make Wasapi as good as CoreAudio, at least regarding pro audio and next-to-zero latency, and I hope it's what it is aiming for.

    I personally feel that there should be a sense of urgency, as it would be the last creative bastion where Macs are indeed better than PCs (also better thunderbolt support for top audio interfaces).

    On the other fronts, Microsoft did indeed surpass Apple: touch, pen, way better graphic card choices, ... And that didn't go unnoticed by many creative pros.



  • Windows 10 on ARM

    A. So no port of Win x64 & x64 apps to ARM64 ?

    B. Looks impressive all the same if the emulation performance hit isn't too big (any numbers) and if the battery life is way better than on Intel Core, otherwise, why bother.

    C. Does this means you'll give a chance for Lumia 950 XL - class of phones to upgrade to full Windows on ARM ?

    D. If not, will we be able to dual-boot Windows 10 on ARM on future Android phones ?





  • Continuum for Phone

    Quite interesting,

    Although I'm skeptical about the new form factor. It seems to me a cheap but good smartphone - and Microsoft has some of those - plus a good laptop, would appeal to more people than a very  expensive smartphone with a dumb terminal in a laptop form factor. I could be wrong.

    Using a computer at a parent's house, or at friends, as a screen + keyboard + mouse for a continuum phone, now that seems a very interesting scenario for work, and even perhaps for play if an Xbox controller attached to the laptop would work with continuum.

    Not having a 950, I'm wondering if you can use it with a Bluetooth keyboard (btw Microsoft please stop producing wireless-with-dongle-but-not-Bluetooth-compatible keyboards and mice, the all-in-one media keyboard would be perfect with no dongle and Bluetooth instead) and mouse.

    As a heavy user of Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter to project my 930, Surface and laptops, it seems to me WDA+Keyboard+continuum would be a great combination anywhere an FHD tv is available.





  • The Maker Show: Episode 1 - Intro to Electronics

    The teaching was so brilliant I had to put on a pair of sunglasses.

    Looking forward to watching the next episode.

  • Module 1: Introduction to ​Microcontro​llers

    When is the next episode ?

  • Project Nami an Open Source WordPress for Azure SQL and SQL Server

    Very exciting if themes and plug-in migrate without problems. Will give it a try.

  • The Maker Show: Meet Your Makers

    Thanks a million for listing the URLs of the resources you talked about during the show.

    Great show, looking forward to the next one.

  • Episode #002 - Jeffrey on Windows Server 2016 Storage

    Outstandingly concise, precise, and clear.

    To make it perfect, we'd need a downloadable or web summary with hyperlinks to the relevant topics / resources.

  • Azure Service Fabric 101 - Introduction

    What are the implications for security (isn't the attack surface tremendously increased) & portability to other cloud providers?

    At what size (& for which metrics) does it make sense to go from a container approach to a microservice approach?

  • Cloud: Data Platform Choices

    Could you please be a little more specific and give more examples?

    Especially for SQL DBs as you seem to imply they become the exception and NoSQL the norm.

  • Building ​Cross-​Platform Mobile Apps in C++ with Visual Studio 2015

    Cloud you integrate services such as macincloud with VS2015 in order to be able to develop for iOS without Mac.

  • Deep Dive into ASP.NET 5

     Learned a lot!